1327 The Ruiner.


I see your true colors shining through…

First of all, thanks for the various shampoo tips and tricks. Since a few people were curious I guess I’d better explain my scalp situation. It’s totally normal. No conditions or whatever. I only have problems if I put something on my hair that doesn’t agree with it. Otherwise it’s perfectly fine. I can’t use conditioner, and I don’t need to anyway. In its natural state my hair is oily. Like, bag of chips on a napkin oily. As long as I have something that cleans the oil properly I’m fine. The problem is that perfumes and whatnot make my skin break out in various ways. Basically, as long as the shampoo is mostly citrus I’m fine. Some people suggest washing with lemon juice, but it doesn’t keep very well and it isn’t cost effective. I don’t know why but the brands I find that work the best seem to have about a 3 year lifespan. I don’t know why exactly. I used to use something called Citre Shine (apparently a defunct brand) then I moved to Pantene Deep Cleanse (or something like that.) They have a version of the stuff still, but for some reason they put mint oil in it now, which totally defeats the purpose of the dep cleaning. I want the oil out, I don’t want to trade the type of oil I create naturally with one that smells like toothpaste… The Teen bought some random stuff that wash berry flavored that worked okay, but when we went back to the place she got it they had no idea what we were talking about.
I looked up my favorite kind of shampoo online (before I posted about it actually) and the only place that had any wanted $8 a bottle. Which is what happened last time they quit making it. I’d sooner learn to make shampoo my damn self. The company website makes no mention of the type I like. I don’t know if it changes based on stock or what, but it’s not listed there. Citre Shine has no amazon listing for the actual stuff I used, but other types of the same brand are $30 and up per bottle, so I assume the company is gone and we’ve moved into the dickish gouging part of its lifespan. Anyway, the search continues. Right now I’m making due with the mint stuff. It doesn’t keep my hair clean as long as the non mint kind, but it doesn’t make my head break out, so that’s about as good as I can hope for.

On a related note, the Teen doesn’t understand why I hate the smell of perfume. It comes up while we look for presents for girl family members. I don’t hate all perfumes exactly, but I don’t like things that smell unnatural. There’s a hierarchy of smells I can tolerate. On the bad end you have gross random perfumes and musks, on the good end you have flowers and the best possible choice, which is fruit. I don’t like all flower smells, but fruit is almost always good. Even fruit I don’t like to eat, like lemons, trumps most flower smells. Best case scenario- apples. We have some apple hand soap and I invent situations to use it on top of the normal ones.
The Teen used to shower herself in smells. She’s cut back a bit so she doesn’t smell like a hooker’s purse all the time now. I suspect part of the reason is me comparing her scent to a hooker’s purse… If so, mission fucking accomplished. There are still moments where she latches on to me and her arms smell of god only knows what. One Direction’s smug sense of self satisfaction perhaps? She’s probably told me what she likes, but I refuse to learn information about that sort of thing.
As far as “man perfume” goes I can tolerate Old Spice. Everything else is just a hairy version of the same gross crap they make for women as far as I can tell. Old Spice gets a pass because it doesn’t assault you with its grandpa smell. It lets you know it’s there, but doesn’t ask for special treatment. Like a gentleman. That said, I don’t like it on myself. I pretty much stick to aloe and hand sanitizer. The burning lets you know it’s working.

Teen Corner

sup interweb peeps? its been a long sucky weekend. I still feel like crap but its getting a little better. tomorrow is my Christmas concert which I am not looking forward to. my brother is supposed to come and will make fun of me most likely because I am a choir nerd. since I’m sick my singing will be pretty terrible but oh well. this is going to be a busy week I have all kinds of finals to do and what not. on the bright side I get my class ring on Tuesday and this is the last week of school then Christmas break yesssssss!!!!! I can not wait to sleep in, see my family, open presents and everything else. Christmas is so close I can almost taste the candy and pie and everything else delicious! my weekend was pretty un eventful I helped my sister do her Christmas shopping and that’s about it. I finished my art final which is drawings of Jackie’s comic by the teen and if you wanna see how horrible it is Jackie will be posting pictures on his twitter so keep a look out I’d love feed back from everyone! I didn’t do the coloring exact to his because I wanted to put a little twist on the characters so yeah hope you all like it. now its time for me to go watch the fault in our stars, drink hot chocolate and try to sleep. wish me luck with finals and the choir concert!!! goodnight all and to all a goodnight!