1328 This Is Babies.


Someday Jo will meet Maddison and you will all die of the sugars. She’s really got a grip on Reggie’s arm there, huh?

The Teen infected everyone with the sickness and we are all down with it to varying degrees. She is a very touchy feely kind of person once she gets comfortable with people. Also, if you tell her not to do something she instantly gains a pathological need to do that thing. We all made the mistake of telling her not to touch us in her sickened state so, of course, we had hands all over us, in our food, you name it. Strangely this is a trait she shares with my father. He’s at least 50% more likely to touch other people when he’s not feeling well. In any event the order of least sick to most is myself, Teen, Dad, and Mom getting the absolute worst. She is doubly vexed because she is already behind on her holiday to do list and she has been mostly bedridden for three days now. Basically what I’m saying is that the Teen ruined Christmas. I’ve learned, from many years of Xmas specials, that in order to fix things I’m going to need a family of singing mice, or some such thing, to pull off a eucatastrophic save on Xmas eve. I’ve also been looking in to clock repair because I think that may have something to do with it.

I’ve been looking for a Marth Amiibo basically since the day I saw the ones in Garden that Target wouldn’t sell to me. No place around has any. Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing are probably my two favorite Nintendo franchises, so I definitely want Ike, Marth, Robin, and Lucina. I hope they make a female variant for Robin as well. My games had a female Robin more often than not. (Although mine was named Carol and was the best waifuu of all) I got Villager on day one, as you will recall. Hopefully the Amiibo will not go the way of Skylanders and require a lot of online scavenging. I’ve been hesitant to buy Link or Mario because I feel like they might do alternate versions for them. Mario because I’ve seen some test shots and Link because his Amiibo is in a terrible pose that I hate…

I’m not sure what form the extended DLC might take for Smash, but I hope they just keep adding characters like they are insane. I know Mewtwo is the firs,t and possibly only, one, but he’s boring to me. Off the top of my head I’d like Protoman and/or Bass from Megaman, but practically any robot master would be cool. The other kids from Earthbound would be cool. I would go insane for someone from Advance Wars. Grit and Sami were always my favorites. Goemon and/or Ebisumaru from Mystical Ninja. (Assuming any old Nintendo title is on the table. I know Konami owns them, but Snake, you know.) It’s not gonna happen, but Shantae from Wayforward would be awesome. I’ve got a feeling that Nintendo is going to just stop with Mewtwo and it will be this massive missed opportunity for DLC players want. In this case I don’t even feel like it would be a cash grab because the playable characters are already pretty numerous.

Dat list (Cause someone said to keep posting it.)