1329 By Degrees.


Reggie may never get that arm back. It’s a good things he’s right dominant. Then again he might find having Maddy glued to him enjoyable after a while.

If you look at the twitter feed for around this date you’ll see a picture of my favorite shampoo. I took a picture so I would remember what to look for. Clarifying is apparently what I like, without scent or color. There’s a kind with the same name that isn’t clear and doesn’t work properly. It leaves my hair feeling the same as before I cleaned it, which defeats the purpose in many ways. It comes in a bronze bottle and is filled with lie juice. For whatever reason, clarifying shampoo on Amazon is ridiculously expensive, on average. Upwards of $20 a bottle in some cases. I never knew there was a market for that kind of price gouging outside of action figures and collectibles. How naïve I was… This shampoo business is really getting to be an obsession. Of course there are worse things to obsess over than wanting to be clean… If I’d stayed as obsessed with my flossing as with shampoo I might not have those 2 cavities waiting to be dealt with. I need to put my little jar of floss sticks back on my desk like they were. I don’t remember why they ended up moved in the first place. I can’t even find their little baggie at the moment…

Subject change. Do any of you guys make music, like with Fruity Loops, or whatever? I’ve been dabbling, but I don’t really know anything about that stuff. Is there an entry level freeware program I can play with to make music? You know, that reminds me of something. Ages ago someone said they were going to write a theme for the comic and then they never spoke to me again. I wonder what happened to them. Pretty much all that kind of thing falls apart pretty fast. There was going to be a French translation at one point, Chinese, Spanish… Hopefully all these people realized that their time was more valuable than doing all of that work for nothing. XD I would have liked the song though. Someone, presumably the same person who has made most of the Between Failures entry on TV Tropes, has made an extended cast… list? Page? Anyway, whatever you call it, I’m going to link to it on the cast page when I remember how, if not just steal it directly from the very code of the site. You really can’t beat that site for free labor, once someone comes along who gives enough of a crap about the crap you make to write crap about said crap. It’s been useful enough to me that I have largely overlooked the undercurrent of hatred that lurks just below the surface of everything written there. I appreciate that they don’t put that shit on front street. I like classy, unspoken, revulsion… or at least thinly veiled hatred. I know that some… cartoonists, I guess you’d call me. Don’t care for the site. Probably because the people writing their entries are openly hostile. It can be hard to embrace a person, or group of people, who spend their free time meticulously cataloging the myriad ways you are a hack. The people, or person, writing my entry are/is snarky, but rarely take it to eleven. I appreciate that.

Anyway, I’d like to play around with some kind of music software that’s more suited to creation than Audacity. Audacity is certainly good for editing, but not so much for building from the ground up… Or at least I don’t know how to use it properly.

While I’m thinking about it, if you’re a patron but haven’t checked Patreon for a while there are some new things up there. A Brooksie pinup and… something else? I forget. Maybe it was just that. I have a vague memory of something else. Anyway, I haven’t made the addition to The Wandering King yet. Maybe I’ll get to it this weekend. Honestly, with the sickness and everything I don’t know how Xmas is going to go down. My sister may be coming down this weekend for her yearly meet and greet, which is good, but it basically shoots a day down for me. I’m really scrambling at the moment to keep nearly on schedule. This may be the year that finally breaks the streak. I’ll just go down like the Undertaker and sadly, slowly, dejectedly, shamble back to the locker rooms. Then again, I’m about a page and a half down. Maybe I can get my shit in order and find a shiny object to distract the Teen with… In any case, you’ll be able to see either my triumph, or my pathetic breakdown, right here. Won’t that be something?

Return Of Teen Corner
hey peoples I am still a miserably sick teen and I feel like crap. I’ve been coughing non stop and my throat hurts very bad but I’m glad I am now on Christmas break speaking of only like 7 days till Christmas!!!!! then I get to know what’s in the big box from Thomas Blackwell also to the people messaging Jackie giving him ideas about that box and how to torture me not cool peeps not cool. and I thought we were friends! lol just kidding but I’m anxious to open that damn box and to see what “Santa” brings this year. I managed to just barely pass all my finals so hopefully Santa keeps that in mind, (hint, hint Santa hint, hint!) I have to go see my mom here eventually which I’m not to excited about but I’m hoping for the best. I was supposed to have therapy today but I guess the therapist took the week off and didn’t bother to tell my aunt so yeah. my plan for tonight is to watch some TV, draw a little and sleep and drink some broth so maybe tomorrow I wont feel like complete crap. This weekend we might have an adventure to my grandmas to see my cousin Jackie’s sister, which I’m sure will be fun. I don’t see her often but apparently I’m a bit like her in her teen days but now she’s an adult, son! then I might pick up one of my friends from garden city and kidnap her till Christmas eve. I haven’t seen her in a few months so I’m really hoping she gets to come stay with me for a little bit. other than that I will be drawing ,sleeping ,watching TV ,bugging Jackie, wrapping presents and maybe cleaning and cooking a little. this break is very much needed. I’m soooooo excited for Christmas I just hope I get rid of this sickness soon. goodnight all from a very tired/sick teen