1235 Furries.


My allergies make me really sleepy. Allergy medication increases the desire to sleep even more. Because of this I’ve been trying not to fall asleep all day. I eventually gave up a little after dinner. Except I hadn’t set up the post yet, so I had to set an alarm to make sure I did. So I was, of course, woken from right in the middle of a dream.

In this dream I kept having to go outside and mess with water hoses for the lawn. It was an old, fictional, house that looked like a combination of my childhood home and a nightmare barn. This wouldn’t normally be a problem, but there was this colony of spiders that lived on that side of the house and they’d drop on you if you walked under them. They clearly weren’t poisonous, but they were hairy and scary. They also made me break out in a really bad rash.

So clearly I was getting quality sleep. I woke up all itchy and feeling like shit was crawling on me. I don’t know if it had anything to do with anything, but the other day some spiders crawled on me in the Teen’s closet. I have to sit in the closet to watch TV with her because her room is small. Which isn’t a problem because I used to sleep in that closet when it was my comic area. There were never spiders before. Not abnormal ones anyway. Ones that want to crawl on a guy. Like total poopybuttfaces.

Anyway… this little thing is the start of something I’ve been dreading and looking forward to for a while. Looking forward to because I like making new characters and dreading because it’s hard to draw and everything is new and I’m ehskeered of all the things.

Also, here’s a possibly interesting Tumblr post where I answer a reader question. LINK