1234 Rulette.


The better part of the day was spent going to and returning from a cousin’s high school graduation. The Teen was not impressed with the whole affair, excepting for when one of the valedictorians broke into a karaoke rendition of Friends In Low Places. That’s the sort of shenanigans she can get behind. after that we went to the cousin’s graduation party. It’s always awkward taking the teen to a family gathering because her parents were wildly jealous of our cousin’s family’s success, and the feeling seeped into her and her siblings. It’s sad because they don’t harbor any ill will, but her world is colored by her perception of it. As an observer it’s pretty obvious to me. Of course I’m simplifying the whole thing significantly. There’s more to it than just this, but I’ve said too much already. The long and short of it is that she’s at an age, and was brought up in a way, that makes her very class conscious, which is a sad way to look at family, in my opinion.

I’m just mad that I have Friends In Low Places stuck in my head at this point.