1238 Papa John.


The title of this page should not be taken as a passive endorsement of the “pizza” made by the chain Papa John’s. I just thought it fit. In point of fact I hate Papa John’s “pizza”, which is why I keep putting it in quotes. That’s not to say that I think you should not eat said “pizza” if you like it. By all means eat whatever materials please you best. I simply prefer other substances and combinations of substances.

My favorite pizza right now is called the Mexican supreme and is made by Swchwan’s (Or however you spell that shit.) It’s frozen, but it’s superior to many fresh pizzas. Generally I like peperoni best, the brand rarely matters, but I dabble in meat lovers and that sort of thing. For some reason I hate Canadian bacon and supreme pizza. I’ve never understood how those toppings somehow manage to ruin the base pizza. I’m not a fan of putting fruit and stuff on pizza. It just doesn’t do it for me. I also eat with utensils because I’m NOT A FUCKING ANIMAL, JON STEWART! YOU CAN SHOVEL PIZZA INTO YOUR FAT FACE HOWEVER YOU WANT, BUT I CHOOSE TO EAT LIKE A CIVILIZED MAN! Not that it matters.

As far as I know I finally got the last Skylander I needed today. Perhaps needed is too strong a word without some modifiers… needed- to complete my collection based on my own, internal, criteria. meaning that I have one, at least, version of any given playable character. As I’ve said before, I’ve forsaken completionism. The manager of the Gamestop I frequent also kept a Trigger Snappy for me, so I have all the sidekicks finally. I hope they never make more of them. I don’t want to have to eat chips, use eBay, or jump through any other hoops for such useless items. I don’t want to, but I will. (I also got 2 spare sidekicks because they changed the terms of the agreement. I pray they do not alter them further.)

I got to play the demo of Mario Kart 8 today. It’s great. I want it. You get a free game if you register it on Nintendo’s reward site. What’s not to like? Of the choices available I’m going for Wind Waker. I wouldn’t bother getting it again otherwise, but you can’t argue with free. Well, I guess you could if you were a total douche, but whatever. I have Mario & WiiU party (which sucks), & I don’t like Pikmin, so choice made.