646 Holes.


I don’t think there’s another person in a hundred miles that plays Dragon Quest IX.  I’ve taken the game with me to canvass for guests twice now and haven’t even seen a single person.  It must be way easier for viral type play to catch on in Japan, since they’re stacked 3 deep, but the American desert doesn’t lend itself to it.  They need to make a lonely person channel you can log into over the net or something.  Otherwise I’m never going to see half the game’s dungeons.  T^T

Things have been pretty  desolate out here all over.  DVD shelves are empty, no one carries manga anymore, Wall-Marts aren’t even restocking toys at this point.  It’s not like I collect much at this point anyway, but I enjoyed having the option.  Coverage of comic conventions to me is like a chronicle of things I’ll never see.  Products exist in the aether like the ravings of a lunatic.   “There were once action figures based on the character designs from War For Cybertron”, I’ll say, and the people will cry “You’re crazy!  The only thing that was, or ever will be, is Revenge Of The Fallen”!  Dark times…