645 World Warrior.


Friendship is an important theme in my comic, so it would be kind of stupid if I didn’t at least try to help mine. To that end I’d like to direct you to the site of my friend in the north Newgirl.  Aaron has been supportive of my work since the early days.  Days when I wasn’t sure if what I was doing had any value.  In the grand scheme of things what he needs is very little.  100 people with one dollar is peanuts on the Internet.  A pebble by itself isn’t very strong, but 100 with a common goal can be dangerous.

I’ll warn you up front, Newgirl is a superhero story about b team heroes.  Even in those terms it’s not a traditional superhero story.  Newgirl doesn’t even have the most common superpower.   Maybe I just have a different set of standards for my friends, but I’ve always thought that Newgirl is just some polish away from being the kind of story you might see on television.  Anyway, this is as much help as is in my power to provide, so provide it I will.

Some people say that there’s no point in helping anyone but yourself when it comes to comics.  They may be right.  It may be better from a business standpoint not to support your friends.  I can’t be that guy.