509 Brainteaser.


I know that pretty much the whole world has heard about the Kanye/Swift incident, because the lady at the little convenient store nearest where I live had heard about it.  In fact, I only asked her about it because I wanted to see just how saturated the story had become.  I wouldn’t be talking about it at all, but I thought of something I felt was worth sharing.

Now, it’s pretty well accepted that Kanye’s little interruption was a dick move.  There’s no need to debate that.  The thing is it’s kind of cool, in a way, because everyone who wins an award has the same, boring, story to tell about it afterwards.  Taylor Swift, however, has a really great story to tell now.  All the other stories are like ‘Yeah, I got up there, thanked God, and that was about it’  but hers is as close to epic as a story about winning an award is ever likely to get.  “When I got my VMA Kanye West jumped in and caused a controversy so stupid that all the important news in the world was largely ignored for a few days!”  That’s kind of awesome.