510 Lolcatastrophe.


I made a gallery for my many random arts.  It’s old school coded, but I think it works.  The link is low on the page, but you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it.  There’s no comment field.  If you just have to ask, or tell, me something about the images you can email me, or take it to the forum.  (If you do take it to the forum be sure to tell me since the forum is a ghost town.)  I’m going to try and make a fanart gallery too, but I wanted to see if I could get one to work before trying to set up a bunch of links and whatnot. 

I had a dream the other night where I was a modern day street urchin.  The world was a combination of modern reality and Dickensian England.  I ended up in a big house, hiding from the occupants.  As far as I can remember I was trying to keep from freezing to death.  It was a weird house, like most structures in my dreams, with an unearthly architecture that made little sense spatially.