1521 Ramen Times.


Sometimes the deal is too good to pass up. I, for one, can’t pass up a sale, or good clearance prices. A few missed meals isn’t so bad, if you carefully space them. Instant ramen can keep you alive a long time if that’s all you can afford. You may not be in the best health, but you’ll certainly have energy… and salt. I love cheap ramen, but I’ve always wanted to have the real thing. Quality ramen from a shop that makes is the way you see in anime. I used to add lots of stuff to instant ramen to make it more like proper food. Pretty much tossing in fresh produce goes a long way towards fixing nutritional deficiencies. I’m not allowed to have ramen anymore. I don’t even like having it in the house because I love it. If it’s any flavor apart from seafood I will eventually find it and eat it.

Went to the doctor today. I thought they were going to do the thing where they drain off a bunch of my blood to thin out the iron, but apparently I’m over that problem. In spite of the fact that I’ve been using the same parts since the day I started using it, the c pap is doing what it’s supposed to. So I just had some blood taken and enjoyed my first prostate exam. It’s fine. It’s doing whatever it is a prostate does. No cancer as far as a finger rooting around can tell.

Anyway, the goal now is to actually lose a significant amount of weight. So… yeah.

Tomorrow, I’m going to see a man about my taxes because too much shit happened this year for me to figure it out. I’ve never had anything to declare as far as tax goes. I’m just barely in the bracket where things get complex enough that I fear getting in trouble. Of course there’s still not much they could take from me apart from my freedom. I do value that enough that I’ll take a care not to lose it. Anyway, I’ll let you know how that goes too.