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Even though I’m the one drawing the puppet my brain is so trained to react as though puppets are “real” I keep forgetting he’s just Ed. Every so often I have to remind myself of that. The human brain is a very odd little device.

Anyway, I’m trying to draw the strings on the puppet arc, which I know will disappoint some, but no good thing can last forever.

If you’d like to help the comic itself fight against this eventuality please consider supporting it via the links above. Although I am keenly aware that this will be difficult in light of the economy with the addition of holiday buying coming in to play. So I understand if you can’t.

Anyway, I’ll see you all again soon. Have a good one.


Sent support via said links and even shared with friends, hoping to expose this awesomeness. Been a fan since Day 1 and I’m hoping the puppets will make more appearances. Ed’s always been my favorite character, but Ronathan is slowly starting to tie for first place after his “bitey” comments LOL

The Muppets are the great example of puppets seeming to be real, and my favourite instance of that was Kermit and Fozzie presenting an Academy Award. Kermit did the “And the winner is…” throw to Fozzie, who pointed out that Muppets have two problems (circumvented by him “dropping” the envelope below the table that they were on). I could see that Fozzie’s hands were too clumsy to open the envelope, but it never occurred to me that he couldn’t actually *read* it.

I admit, I’d be disappointed if this didn’t go somewhere interesting.

But I also admit that it has been a hell of a ride so far. And the idea that this may have only been an interesting ride is only mildly disappointing.

It’s weird how our brains can perceive a puppet as a separate entity from the one operating it. It takes talent to pull that off :D

That’s the power of Jim Henson. He was so good at what he did that he made it seem like puppets truly were alive and power has stayed for generations long after his untimely death.

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