953 You Jelly?

I feel like there is the slightest of chances that some of you might want to know why there was no blog with the page when it went up. My schedule has changed slightly and it’s causing me to fall asleep about 3 hours before the comic goes up for about 3 hours. So if I don’t write a blog before that time I sleep right up till the comic goes up and have to do it after. Not that these are particualrly important, but I know a select few of you actually enjoy my ramblings down here as well as up there. Until I adjust the previously stated reason will likely be the why of no blog post on time, so don’t worry or whatever.

The other day when I was in Garden they had Character Building blind packs at Target. Priced like they were a domestic release. I got 3 of them for filler for my Doctor Who ones. I didn’t pay attention to the bag numbers, so I ended up with doubles. Which is okay because they look like members of UNIT. The other one was a ninja, and I suspect the Doctor must have encountered ninjas on his travels at one time or another. Pretty much anything that I pulled would have been fine really. Doctor Who is kind of an open ended story. I was glad I didn’t get the zombie though, because fuck zombies.

Later on I found some imported Who blind packs. A single series one and two from 2. Unfortunately Doctor Who blind bags have no distinguishing markings at all. I searched for quite a while to make sure. Those clever Brits actually made their blind bags blind. Staggering, I know. Because of this I ended up with another of The Silence. Boo. They are a boring monseter. Great for drama, but not so cool for playing Legos with. The stone angels are the same way. Cool on tv, not as cool to play with. In my opinion. Still, I’d rather have one of them than another Silence… Anyway, I got a cyberman and a Sylurian, so that was cool. I really wanted Rory though, because Amy needs him. For loves. Maybe next time…



Delivered by REGGIE of all people. Wes lost 10 self esteem points!

What do you mean “of all people”? Reggie has been delivering burns on a near-regular basis since he first arrived. That is why people hate him. Had you forgotten?

Reggie is right… I don’t think there’s enough mouthwash in the cornerstore to make my mouth feel clean, but there it is.

Too bad he’ll lose that bit of respect he earned again sooner or later by being Reggie.

It’s funny everyone is like, “oooo sick burn” and I am thinking “ooooo clueless Reggie”

Well, he did proof not to be a total jerk at the least. That’s a starting point. So, truth actually more leaning towards Reggie’s side in this one.
Though Jolene might not be the best of examples. That much I give.

Wow, first making the impossible shot, followed by a legitimately witty comment to burn the guy who deserves it?

This might be the greatest day in Reginald Boothe’s life. I almost feel bad for him that he won’t be able to top this day. Almost.

Wes is in no position to comment on possibilities. I haven’t seen him shoot anyone (successfully) and he’s looking like a reverse blue Dalmatian.

Silly Wes.

For the record I’d like to state that I liked Reggie before he started being cool.

I have always liked Reggie as well. But that’s probably because he’s got some in common with me. Yes he’s a bit over the top and self centered. But aside from his own self esteem and ego he actually seems to me like a really noble/good/worthy guy. And anyone with a decent moral code no matter how bad is still likable. Hell look at Darth Vader and even more so Boba Fett.

I’ve always liked Reggie too. I’m a sucker for when a character’s flaws clearly stem from insecurity. It’s why I like Ed as well. The only difference is that Ed tends to over compensate with moral superiority and Reggie over compensates with…imagined superiority. It makes Ed seem like a nice guy and Reggie like a jerk, but really they both just need to get over what other people think of them.

For the first time, Reggie impresses rather than annoys. Well, played, sir. For bonus points he even reflects on the comic’s title meme.

Indeed, well played.

For the record, Reggie is still a concieted poopie faced butthead. I hope Nina blows him away.

I thought this from pretty early on in this archive trawl, but now I’m pretty much certain. The haplessness, the my-own-way-even-though-it’s-obviously-stupid, the completely baseless self-confidence. Though it’s sad to say, Reggie is probably the character I’m most like in this comic.

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