915 Oh Come On!

I forget the name of the game, but I saw an article someplace where in this new import game you play as a girl who goes on dates with famous anime characters. I think it’s in the Japanese equivalent of a whorehouse, or something. Anyway, I instantly thought of about 50 people I know who would play that, but there’s no way it’s making it here. Fun idea though.

I started watching the Chinese pirated copy of The Visions Of Escaflowne that Manekochan sent me. The subtitles are often hilariously incorrect. Even with my very limited knowledge of Japanese I know some of this stuff is being reported to me incorrectly. Not so much that I can’t follow the story, but I can already see that I’d much rather have a legit copy. So that’s a new quest for me to embark on. No one much has given a crap about it for years now, so it’ll be either really cheap to get or, more likely, the exact opposite.

Trying to gather up older anime is actually pretty difficult if they haven’t been put out on that greatest hits thing that a lot of companies are turning to. I’ve got a few things on it like Lucky Star, Big O 1 & 2, FLCL… The thing is, a single disc of the original run costs as much as you can get the ENTIRE series for with these things. So I don’t exactly understand how the older copies are holding their value. I guess there must actually be collectors who want their sets to match or something. I can understand the mindset.

I got Cowboy Bebop cheap when I worked for a movie rental place. Then they made a better version. I’ve never upgraded. That’s also how I got Blue Submarine #6. The single discs were $25 when they came out. Which is total bullshit, but it it got on Cartoon Network that’s just the way it was. I got them for $5 a shot. I’m not sure how that happened, but I wasn’t going to argue.

I have been out of the anime thing so long I don’t even know what’s good anymore. Like, what stuff exists outside the mainstream stuff Disney brings over, or what have you. I’m aware of things like Panty & Stocking because of all the nerds in my world, but there must be more, and better, stuff around.


So I know that you like it, Crave, so I thought I would point out my initial opinions on the matter of MLP:FiM!

I was hanging out at my friend’s house and he likes to show me movies, shows, and anime. So yesterday he had shown me some cult classics and other things. Pet Semitary, Terminator, Rango, other movies I don’t have the money or means to see. THEN we got to the part of the day where he shows me things he knows will get my goat… or in this case, Pony. >.>
I got through Bayblade and Sky Dancers alright, but… oh deary me them ponies were…. something. I got the feeling that if I looked past the cutsy, I might actually like the show, I saw *SOME* potential in it. But then…. they started singing the intro theme.. and.. something took over, my Id if you will. I call him Solstace. Anywhos, as the intro kicked in, this intense heat and urge to set fire swelled up in my core, it was like a darkling burst through my chest and wanted to rend asunder everything in site… but when the theme was over… it stopped at a boil… and just simmered. Or from an inferno to a smolder, to keep with the fire motif.
As I watched through eyes clouded by pretentious hate through the first two episodes, I DID see SOME gems if humor, where it struck my love of anime variables. For instance, the shy pony, names are a blank void filled with flame, the personality was cute. The hyper, peppy one… she rekindled the flame… and I wanted her and the vanity pony to burn in the sulfuric pits of hell! A couple jokes got through and caused a chuckle. But for the most part, I just couldn’t get through it. I can see the appeal of the show, but I don’t feel the love. I will say tho, that the animation drove me batty, it looked sorta… weird.. to me.. and that dragonette, who I have dubbed “Tails” (because he feels like he has the presence) is the most unfortunate draconic I have ever seen. Slave labor AND only of his kind around. He will live in misery.

All that said, I honesty don’t know how I feel about it, but if my core has anything to say about it, I ain’t no brony! Get a laugh or seek me for honorable duel to the death. Just thought I’d share haha!

Hey buddy, you’re looking for Escaflowne? Here you go, at “Right Stuf!”, where you can get a lot of older stuff for a pretty good price. They frequently have sales of different shows and companies, check them out for all the older anime collections you’re looking for.


Man, Right Stuff still exists? I remember their catalogs from way back.

Not only do they still exist, they’re still the best. If it’s in print, chances are Right Stuf carries it at a good price.

I use Right Stuf and Amazon exclusively. Great prices, fast shipping, very reliable.

The industry’s really moved towards boxsets in recent years, since nobody’s willing to shell out 30 bucks a DVD. You should be in pretty good shape for finding whatever you want at a reasonable price. Most of the big companies also offer a lot of their stuff for free streaming online, not to mention paid streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll (which also has some free offerings).

It’s a good time to be a fan.

Sorry. I watched a bit of it to see if the subs were complete crap or not. They seemed doable to me but I’ve seen it about 10 times (that may only be a slight exaggeration) and I can speak a bit of Japanese. Between those two things, it was like, “Oh! These are a straight dialogue lift of the original dvds, pretty much… Timing’s off, and, for some reason, Amano’s lines are all wrong (why just him?…)but, he’ll get the hang of it.” Plus, you know… $4… DUDE! $4!!! Tell me you wouldn’t buy it for that?!? As opposed to the hundreds I’ve spent collecting it in various forms over the years (vhs, dvd, laserdisc–yeeesss… laserdisc…).
Also, that box set is on amazon with free shipping. :)

Oh man I’ve been looking for blue submarine#6 for ages that anime kicked some serious booty but as to whats new and amazing Hulu has an awesoem selecetion of animenew and old some of the new ones like zam’d, guilty crown, rosario are great others ones like karen bee(english title) interesting and a tiny bit hard to but still great no now this site here and the anime it bring you to Tiger and Bunny (new) is great adn at the top the have series like bleach and naruto for the classsics adn they have some older stuff greated not as old as hulu but older series like Reborn!, clover 1and 2, cross game and starwberry 100% you cant go wrong with, now to the new stuff tiger and bunny, blue exorsist, inyuasha the final act, Accel world and Zetman that last two are so new they are still updating like they are airing in japan and then the following day they are online new so i hope this little rant helped you find some new series to check out also if your still curious and like giant robots look in to Broken Blade, enjoy the viz site i know i do and will continue to do so along with my hulu page

heh, I have the Escaflowne movie AND anime on DVD. I just wish I could have found Noir. When Hastings went out of business in my town, I picked up so much anime/movie crap that I wanted but I wasn’t able to get “everything” I wanted.

You go Nina!

And since everyone here has been talking about anime, have any of you ever checked out http://www.theanimenetwork.com or http://www.crunchyroll.com? Crunchyroll only handles English Sub versions, but they do a lot of simulcasts every season while still keeping several older ones around. The Anime Network has various titles from the Neo-ADV companies, mostly newer titles but some older ones, and currently nearly half of the new eps they have going up every week are simulcasts.

I suppose I can help a bit with that “not knowing whats out there” problem. I know it doesn’t have everything but goodanime.net has a bunch of pictures at the bottom of the page on the new stuff they managed to find, and if ya go to list then you’ll be able to see everything they have.

There were so many shows I would have bought up back in the day, if it wasn’t for the habit so many anime import companies had of putting only one or two half-hour episodes on a single disc, then charging 25 bucks for each disc separately.



Obvious price gouging dickery aside, it pretty well ensured that only the craziest and most well-funded fans could actually buy their stuff. No wonder so many of them folded.

When I look at my DVD shelf now, I realize most of what anime I have I bought used for pretty much this reason.

I’ve been out of the anime loop for a while too. There’s stuff I could recommend, but it’s mostly all old now. Most of the modern stuff I’ve seen has been isolated episodes of the formula/stereotype driven stuff the cable networks like to dabble in.

Oooh, I did see a good one on Netflix recently: “The Place Promised in Our Early Days”.

I liked your attention to detail in this one – the three white spots on John’s left shoulder stay consistent throughout the panels. Nice work.

That game you mention at the first is probably “Girls RPG Cinderella Life” by Level-5. It’s about a Japanese club hostess (not a prostitute, but not far above it technically) trying to make it big in the glamour of the Tokyo club scene.

… Yeah, I’m still trying to figure out what they were thinking when they made this one.

I recommend Desert Punk to everyone who asks me about anime. Mostly because it’s the one anime I’m sure not many people have watched. There’s not much good happening in the world of anime as far as I know. Looks like we squeezed the blood from the stone.

Durara(or however you spell it) is pretty good.

I’ve heard good things about Magical Girl Lyrical Nanaho, but I haven’t had the opportunity to check it out yet.

Mostly, I’ve been far removed from anime as well. Bleach being as big a disappointment as I found it to be kinda turned me off the stuff.

Just felt like I should throw in my two cents in terms of recent anime. Most of what comes out these days is pretty awful in my opinion (although I guess that’s probably true of pretty much any medium, to be honest, not to mention I tend to have pretty high standards), but there have been a whole handful of amazing series in the past several years, if you know what to look for. 2011 brought us Puella Magi Madoka Magica, which is a really interesting deconstruction of the magical girl genre, as well as Steins;Gate, a fantastic sci-fi thriller filled with wonderful nerd humor and time travel shenanigans, which is tied for first as my all time favorite anime right now (and features, in my opinion, one of the greatest protagonists to appear in any anime in recent memory — see and ).
Additionally, if you’re a fan of romance/slice of life, I’d definitely also highly recommend Clannad (and its follow-up, Clannad After Story) and Toradora! As for current series, the one I’m really keeping my eye on is Sakamichi no Apollon (a.k.a. Kids on the Slope), which is about high school kids in the 1950s playing jazz music (and it’s a music series that actually has realistic animation of playing — the first episode features a drum solo that was animated by rotoscoping over videos of an actual drummer who was recorded with something like ten cameras), and reunites Cowboy Bebop’s legendary team of Shinichiro Watanabe (director) and Yoko Kanno (music).

But yeah, you’re definitely right about finding old stuff for good prices. I practically fell out of my chair when I happened to find G Gundam volume 1 for under $5 just last week, but that was definitely an incredibly rare occurrence…

Check out Toradora! (Exlamation part of the title) It’s one of my faves from a few years back. I also watched Soul Eater a little while back, and I think it’s worth a look-see.

You can get FLCL now for $25~$30. All six episodes are on one disk. While it’s nice, I liked the fansubs I used to have back in the day. I don’t feel like they managed to get the translations just right.

On the new disk, I mean. The fansubs had a better translation in my mind (although last time I watched those was 6 years ago, so maybe I’m just going a bit crazy).

Hey, we watch anime that isn’t repackaged by the American marketing system [well most of us here anyways] so, according to them we are crazy ….. for not buying their craptastic versions. For every Robotech there are ten-thousand FushugiYugi Dubs …. someone lock those two [owner and voice “actress” aka screeching harpy ] away from us and access to any media. …. So we are not really crazy *twitch*

Sneaky Nina. Also, John’s face in the second panel is “Comedy Gold,” as they say.

As for the blog, I thought I was the only one that liked or remembered Blue Sub No. 6. I loved the music so much I saw the first episode and bought the OST the same day. Love that sweet jazz.

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