890 Family Plot.

Fuckbunnies. I forgot to pain Thomas’s chest hair. >:| I’ll get to that after I’m done inking this new page…

It’s always a little odd when I finally get to part of the story that I wrote a long time ago because it’s been in my head so long it’s weird to have it out. Over time you start to forget what you’ve said and what you haven’t. I’m so much closer to this that you guys that it’s harder for me to realize that a given character hasn’t been on screen in a while, or what have you. They’re with me all the time, so I never miss them. Whenever someone says “it’s been a while since we’ve see X.” it’s a little surprising to me, until I think about it.

Anyway, I’ve been playing Mario 3D Land. It’s surprisingly easy. Way easier than New Super Mario Brothers, for either system. At least the first quest is. You can seriously finish the game in 2 or 3 sittings if you’re good. That’s with collecting ALL the special coins too. After you beat the main story you save Luigi and he becomes playable. (Instead of the tanuki suit he wears a kitsune suit if he gets a magic leaf, which was a REALLY nice touch if you know the Japanese mythology to do with both animals.) So far the special stages aren’t very taxing either, but the coins are harder to locate sometimes. In any event it ended up being a better game than I expected from the first few levels. The difficulty between stages is really uneven though. Which is uncommon for a Mario game.

I won’t reveal it here, but my extended family has a strange naming convention. Their names rhyme. And I’ve certainly heard of many families who went ahead and got “creative” with their names too. Of course it doesn’t really seem to make a lot of difference what you name someone. Even people with good names do evil things, and people with insane names rise to positions od power. Just look at our presidential race.

Naming a kid with a crazy name is going to affect their life though. Of course naming them Mike is going to present a whole other set of problems, so you’re dicked either way. My only advice is to avoid fanboy naming. Because I never want to meet Chewbacca Johnson. Well, actually, I might have to change that to I hope I meet Chewbacca Johnson. He’d have a lot of interesting stories, I bet.

Craziest name I can think of off the top of my head of a person I met was a little kid named Callel. Pronounced like Superman’s birth name. His dad really liked Superman. Like, more than a friend.


At least Dusty and Carolina Graves sound nice. More thought should have been put into Robin, though.

As far as name’s go, I think some of the oddest are names which are spelled weirdly for the sake of being spelled that way, such as Quarryn.

I’ve managed to get agreement from my mrs that if we have a son, his middle name will Optimus. Which is awesome.

But I draw the line there. Middle names are easily hidden.

So… Carol’s wearing that coat a little looser I see. Thomas should be in for a fun night.

And man, these names… Crave, I’m going mad. I’ve got newspaper clippings all up on the wall with TONS of strings connecting random words. I gather this is supposed to help me figure stuff out, but nothing yet. I will crack the code though… maybe…

I don’t mind my name. I’m named after my grandmother, sort of. Her name is “Jewel” and mine is Amber which means “precious jewel”. Though it does come with a bit of a stigma. Everyone is constantly reminding me that most Ambers are idiots. Doesn’t help much that I’m mostly blond.
I don’t so much mind odd names but it drives me kind of nuts when they change the spelling to something ridiculous just to be different.
If I ever have a kid, if it’s a boy, I would like to name him “Camden” after veteran voice actor Cam Clark. :) Just to be silly. There was a brief period where we joked about naming someone Lucifer but thought the poor kid would end up being called “Lucy”.

yeah, with these pages with the form-fitting jacket on her, I realize all the more that my girlfriend almost literally has the same body as Carol, though her personality is more a combination of Nina and Brooksie. Also I believe I’ve met a Dusty Graves before, I quite like humorous names like that

Robin Graves sounds like the name of a really crappy band.

Like, the kind that has an even crappier logo that looks like it was drawn by some stupid kid trying to be all dark and cool during Pre Algebra. XD

Oh… I just got the pun. I feel stupid.

I was thinking, like, the graves of birds.

Don’t feel bad. It was months before I realized Dumbing Of Age was a pun.

Of course.

To me- people understanding jokes, or learning things, can be tricky things.

Such as- it took me years to find a dictionary page, that told me that deer, + elks, are not the same thing.

It happens. It happens a lot. :)

Man, just name your kid whatever. They’ll get through life with whatever grit comes at them.

My name is Duy. It’s pronounce “Zwee”. It’s a common Vietnamese name. It has been pronounced “Day”, “Die”, “Dewey”, and “Dug”. For a good chunk of my high school experience, teachers would just look at me and nod when taking attendance.

It’s a weird name, yes, but I figured if I had a more common name like Shawn, people would still ask me how to spell it out, so it doesn’t make a lick of difference.

How do you get Zwee from D U Y? Who romanized that? Whoever it was did a shitty job.

France was the biggest European influence on Vietnam, so let’s blame them. (Not sure if that’s entirely fair, but why pass up a perfectly good chance to blame the French?) And if that makes no sense, how about the fact that Nguyen, a common Vietnamese name, is pronounced “win”?

I kid you not, in one of the newspapers I deliver I found a really unfortunate name. I was getting ready to pitch it, but it was open to the lifestyle section, and I saw the anniversary notices. I don’t remember the woman’s name, but, their surname was Duck. And, it took a minute to see his first name, since the last name is comical in its own right. But, he was named Donald. Donald Duck. His parents must have hated him.

I have the 2nd most popular boys name in this country(Johnathon is numero uno). I hated high school, particularly between classe and someone would yell HEY MIKE and like 20 fucking heads would turn. I intend on naming my children with unique names(or at least, unique to her lineage, country of birth, etc.). My first son will be named Damian*, just because I like that name. I’m leaning strongly towards Yuuna for a daughter, but that’s not set in stone.

*Yes, I know you’re going to tell me that I shouldn’t name my child after the Anti-Christ. First of all, shut up. Second, you watch too many movies. The only reason you think Damian is the name of the Devil’s son is because of the Omen movies. If you had ever read the Satanic Bible, you would know that Satan’s son is named Mammon, not Damian. Also, the original Greek meaning for Damian is ‘weak and helpless’. I can’t imagine an Anti-Christ to be either of those things.

Hahahaha I finally get the Puns
Carolina Graves = Carol in a Graves
Robin Graves= Robbin’ Graves
Dusty Graves= Dusty Graves (This one was pretty straight forward)

Good stuff. I really enjoyed this page. :D

“Carolina Graves = Corol in a Graves”

What does that mean? I still don’t get it…

Well, it’s probably more “Care, a line o’ graves.” Just watch people around Memorial Day out at the cemetaries, usually they’re careful not to step on the areas where the bodies are buried.

Took me a while to remember, but used to work with (used to as in 7 years or so ago, and only occasionally, hence why it took so long to remember) a woman named Fonda Graves. Must be a cousin or somethin’… ;)

I really don’t have an opinion about names. Mine are both very common. I was named after an actor, and a character from an old western.

I’m named after a guy from the moody blues, with the first letter switched so my mom could sneak it past my dad. My parents gave me both a male and female name before I was born, with matching initials (DJ), so I’d either be Dustin James or DesirĂ© Jinea. I always thought it was kind of a cool idea. Most unique unisex moniker I’ve seen~

I don’t go by any of those names anymore, and I use a last name of my own creation because I don’t want to be tied to my past family.

If you were to trace my names back to their respective origins, and then be given the meanings behind those names, you would be told that my name means Prince and Everlasting Shopkeeper….

My mom, in her great wisdom, named me Eric because she didn’t want people give me nicknames like Tony or Bubba. Go ahead, try to make something out of Eric. You can’t. That’s why people call me Kramer, or Kramegame, or KrispyKrame, or Eric Kramer of the Starshine if your not into the whole brevity thing.

I once did some clerical work for a local doctor, and in sorting patient files, I saw some truly unusual names. Some poor kid has had to go through life named Senator, alongside their sibling, Chancellor. At least you can swing
Chance out of the latter, but…

On the other end of the spectrum, finding someone with the middle name “Adventure” was unexpectedly awesome. That’s second only to “Danger”, in my opinion.

Well, you could also swing Sena out of Senator, but Sena sounds more like a girl’s name, and I’m betting Senator was a boy.

Posibbly Nate or Tory could be gotten out of Senator. I knew a girl once named Hunter D. Strong. She was kinda a cranky person, but looking back can’t really blame her.

This reminds me of the time I told you I liked the name Robin Alexis, and you said it sounded like someone robbing a car dealership. Completely ruined it. A friend (who recently got married) was thinking about baby names for girls and liked Samantha Nicole until she realized the initials would be SNM (S&M). Working in college admissions, I see some interesting names. Examples: Serpentfoot C. Serpentfoot, Mary Christmas, July Independence, and Candace “Candy” Kane.

I have an interesting spelling on a somewhat common name. I think I’ve only ever met like one or two other people that spell it the way I do. It’s also lead to some interesting pronunciations, especially by the more…eccentric teacher’s I’ve had in my life.

One could argue that I’m named after two saints, but I don’t rightly know why my mother named me as she did. As an added bit of fun though, I looked up the meaning of my name and I have to say I’m quite happy with the result, albeit it’s all a giant coincidence.

Steffan “crown or garland” Patrick “patrician or noble” Dueling –>
“Crowned Noble of Dueling” –> I AM THE KING OF GAMES!

If I ever have a daughter, I’m giving her the name of my favourite role-play character: Caiemita. Because I love that name.

I do some work in a call centre and I have a sheet of A4 paper FILLED with amusing names. Okay, mostly sexual names. Fukui, Bone, Dick, Wang, Wangday, Shakeshaft, Bugher, Bumford (I’m in the UK, bum is not a guy on the street over here…), and SO many more! Those are just the ones that come readily to mind. LONGSTAFF! I forgot about that one. My point is, I like to giggle at silly names every now and then :)

As it happens, my name (Phillip) is from the Greek Phile (Love) and Hippos (Horse) which translates into Lover of Horses. I’ll leave that one there for now… ;)

Hrm…I distinctly remember a VERY unusual name from my early days in the pizza business. One of our customers had the last name Phenis. Pronounced “Fee-nis”. Gawd, someone must have hated that family line.

I used to go to school with a kid called Michael Jackson.

And the funniest names I’ve ever encountered at work these days tend to be the unpronounceable ones–the ones you have to beat around the bush with when you have to call them back, doing your best to word your sentences so you don’t have to try and work out how their surnames work.

My last name is Ball. If my dad had gotten his way I would have been Crystal Claire Ball and my bro would have been Roland D. Ball (D for David). The only thing my mom agreed to was my bro’s middle name. So instead of having bad puns for names we are named Jennifer and Jonathan. As a result, I’ve had many nick-names in my time. Most of my current friends call me Jelly. :D

Anyone who knows what a Calyx is will be unsurprised to learn my mother was a forester. I am a man (quite rugged, if I do say so myself), though I often have a teacher try to correct it to “Cayla” which is a girl’s name. Just in case I hated it I have a very standard middle and last name, but I never needed it. Besides the usual spelling mistakes, the usual response I get is: “really? Like, C-A-Y-L-E-X? Wow, that’s awesome!” It most definitely does not suck.

For my sister they had the problem of having promised the next child would be named Kenneth, so they feminized it as best they could. I thought it turned out pretty good. The best part of the story is what my dad originally wanted to name me: Steel.

Hey! I feel for Thomas! I have the first name John but my grandfather and pretty much all the males in my family are named John, so I go by my middle name, Logan. :D

My name is spelled veeeeery weirdly… Alyshia. I’m pretty sure my parents were high when they came up with that name.

But one of the best that I’ve heard was (friend of a friend)
Chris Mas Tree.

That is all.

list of names from my Orphaned at 15 list.
Orangello and Leemongello (orange Jello and Lemon jello)
Crystal Shanda Leer (crystal chandelier)
Kumstayne (pronounced Koo mah Steen, looks like something else) – Mother was a Buddies in big places fan
Pajamas (pronounced Pay-juh-may)
Fruitstand – It wasn’t only a joke you hear told about the weird names of the 60’s
Kensnee Buckle (say it slowly… Ken’s Knee Buckle)
Liquera Koo Layde Coors Welsh (Liquor a kool-aide Coors [beer] Welsh [welsh’s grape juice]
Swallow Spitz – do I need to explain?
Brandy Kay Neinman (brandy canine man)

many of these names are okay until you add in the middle names… Don’t do this to your poor kids please.

Worst name I ever ran into was the sister of my friend Dorthea Dix. Her parents named her older sister Fonda!?!
In another school the valedictorian was Sunny Knight.
When I worked A/R at a medical shop, the only month that wasn’t a first name was October-worst thing is I’m sure someone reading this just said “challenge accepted.”

I’m not sure where I got to on my last run through the archive, but I’m sure I’ve seen this before…. and commented on it….. yet no comment.

Maybe I commented on the Dot Net.
Does the Dot Net have a different selection of comments?

I don’t see why Carolina would be such a strange name, it is after all quite common in europe, and in England. I suppose it is somewhat more unusual in the state.

Can anyone please confirm this theory?

I knew an Ivor Deadman. I was little, he had a huge sense of humor, I thought he was great! I didn’t get the joke in his name for years; it doesn’t come across in many British accents. About the time I did get it, I found out he suffered from depression. Sometimes I kinda wonder if his parents did too, but there’s no way to tell. He must have been born somewhen around the first world war.

While late to this ballgame, thought I’d put a few out there for those who read the archives:

Most interesting name for a person I’ve actually known – Sunshine Rainbow Penny.

Others I’ve heard, though I don’t know the people personally:

A family who named their son Polar and their daughter Panda (and they’re Thai, with the standard super-long Thai last name)

A Filipino family who had a thing for Gen. Douglas MacArthur who named their sons MacArthur, MacRandolph, and MacDavid

A family with the last name Matic who named their two daughters Kariz and Priz, and their son Matthew (Matt)… think about it.

And to top it all… I’ve heard a story about a female ex-coworker of an ex-coworker of mine whose name was Barbara (but they called her Barbie), who married a man named Ken Dahl… talk about serendipity…

Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction.

I once saw- There was/maybe still is, a funeral home, named:

“Trench and Rising.”

No lie. That is THEIR name. (Ohhh man!)
It would be a GREAT place to film a ZOMBIES movie! :D

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