866 Hope Springs Eternal.

This holiday season has really fucked up my internal clock. I haven’t talked about the stuff that’s been going on with me lately, but it’s been distracting me a lot. I spent all of yesterday, and the day before apparently, thinking that it was Wednesday. Still, I guess by most standards the comic is on time, just not by mine.


You know, I used to have hair long enough to cover my eyes. It’s a lot easier to see through than most people imagine.

ya know, Alex doesn’t seem all that bad so far…in fact, dare I say it… she seems date-able! I loves me a woman that can spout random facts about stuffs.

(Ehh this holiday season fucked with me too.. I wished most people a happy new year, on Christmas Eve…lucky for me they’re so close)

I just started reading on Christmas, and though I had to deal with thousands of error messages along the way I have finally caught up to the current story (yay!) I must say I love the story and can’t wait to read more :)

If the .net version is returning lots of errors try using the .com.

It seems to be working fine now, just Christmas and a day or so after. it was fine for the last 200 I read :)

I really do appreciate the story and can’t wait to see where you take it, and if I have problems in the future I’ll try the .com. Just promise you’ll stay awesome.

I’d like to see an arc of Alex going all out to nab John’s attention as more than a friend. Like, losing weight, getting out of house more, etc. Especially if she were to enlist Jo in the conspiracy to tell her the secrets of what to do.

I’ve seen other webcomics (and heard of video games, even) with this concept. It’s a dangerous road to go down, and difficult to do without being out and out insulting.

It truly is happened and you will find very little you can do about it. The initially a few shock waves are the worst. An individual emotional blast following one other triggered by the considered, ‘This are unable to be happening to me. How could she/he be so cruel?’ Megaton on megaton of shock, outrage, discomfort and disbelief blast your heart. And even if the jagged edges of reality commence to soften, you know that therapeutic the wounds of a broken heart will be past your capabilities. You start off to cry, you want to die.

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