863 Hipster Quest.

The other day I was feeling poorly, laying on the floor, and noticed that McDonald’s Grouchy Smurf figure I got a while back.  I took it upon myself to cut and sand off the stupid butterfly they stuck on the end of his nose.  I had debated doing so for some time, but didn’t really have any tools handy I thought could get the job done.  I still didn’t, but went ahead anyway.  It looks pretty good now, all things considered.  If someone didn’t know better I suspect they wouldn’t think twice about it.  Also, in some small way I increased the resell value of all other Grouchy Smurf toys from that set.  XD 

It’s been a busy holiday season for me.  I’ve tried to work ahead so that I don’t spend the whole time thinking about all the work I need to do.  That said I’m not sure if any holoday image will actually appear on Christmas.  I’m just not sure I’ll have the time.  Maybe I’ll do one for New Years for a change.  In any case, if I don’t talk to you all on Christmas, I hope you have a happy holiday.  If you don’t celebrate then I hope you have a pleasant Sunday. 

Like baby Jesus always said, be excellent to everyone.


“It’s not that popular, you probably haven’t heard of it”, wow, just stamp “Hipster” on your forehead why don’t ya-, oh right, the hair.

Also, this is about as awkward as one would expect. John is okay and all but I always felt he was the odd man out of the team and probably not being as geeky as the rest is part of it.

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