Hahahaha so the All the girls are right boy is now showing his preferences xD
And that chocolate description…mmmm

This does not compute… you can not have a nice ass without having the whole milk version. If he doesn’t like large girls, hey, that’s fine. But he is being a complete ass about it.

He totally isn’t. His words are legit. I may not share them but I cannot fault them.

second this. Hes right, its a preference. You can like someone for who they are but that doesn’t necessarily make them attractive to you. He isn’t hating her, its kinda of mean how shallow people get such a bad rap. It doesn’t make them assholes, they just have a preference and are open about it.

On re-reading, this page with certain recently-previous pages makes the matter of who eventually gets with Alex to be all the more mindblowing!

His slight percived rudnes notwithstanding. Can’t control who you are atracted to. And he is right that giving false hope would be wrong.

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