247 Location, location, location.

After all these years, I’m really sick of Disney dangling the same old shit in front of me.  Believe me, I get it.  I understand the idea, and I’m sure it works.   It just pisses me off.  Get whatever movie is 20 years old now, BEFORE WE LOCK IT BACK IN THE VAULTS, WITH WALT’S CORPSE! 


Crave, I share your feelings against Disney theatrical reruns. However, there is always such a demand for either the classics or expansions on them.

i know WE ALREADY HAVE ALL THE GOOD OLD DISNEY MOVIES ON VHS now while half of everyones VCRs don’t work now that doesn’t mean that they need to keep on rereleasing

3rd panel:
Thomas: Here we observe a wild Brooksie in her natural habitat.
Ed: Where? I don’t see anything.
Thomas: EXACTLY!

Any one notice the location of a superfluous “a”? It’s like one of those visual tests…

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