For me its like i see the matrix, except instead of numbers, theres subtext.

Soti’s right with that one. I can tell when someone likes me, but I’m going to wait until they have the courage to say it.

Yeah, we mistake subtext for girls just generally not noticing or hating us.
Mainly because 99.999% of the time it’s because they did not notice or hate us.

Of course not. You need a genetic mutation on your second X-chromosome, as-well as X-chromosome mosaicism to develop extra cone cells in your eyes that enable you to see subtle variations in the subtext spectrum :))

Personally, I feel being able to convey oneself honestly should be more valued than the ability to see subtext.

Also, I would like to assert that the problem with guys not seeing subtext is that a guy who misreads subtext frequently gets in a lot of trouble for it. Gals that misread subtext usually don’t, except with other gals. As such, many guys learn that it’s safer to ignore subtext.

Oh, and I’d like to assert that something like 90% of the time that some woman has asserted that she read some subtext in what I was saying, she was completely wrong about what my real intent was. I’m autistic, but I focus on my communication skills. So there’s generally no subtext to anything I say.

I can’t see whatever word’s in that last bubble. “Boys don’t see…” then it’s blank. What don’t boys see Nina?! What don’t boys see!?

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