I take it this means nobody warned Reggie…

Reggie just likes to show off for the newbie. Trust me, this trait is what will most likely come back to bite him in the ass than any other.

Valuable security information for a thief. Of course Reggie is the only one vain enough to talk about it all when asked.

Shame he was already established as “honest”, else I’d figure he was lying about the cameras in order to try and catch Wes in the act.

In fairness, Wes would’ve noticed that sooner or later anyways. Probably sooner. Empty camera bubbles only work as long as no one is actually looking. And a thief is going to look.

The bigger thing is Reggie is spelling out all the details, when he was just asked for the “abnormally annoying” ones. And Wes recognized this and asked about the least annoying detail of all.

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