:O… Fiiirst!!! First! I called it! YES! Yes! Yeaaaaaaaahh! … heh, cool. Sorry.

This is one of my favorite web comics, really love the character dynamics.

There’s no image for this page and the 2 following ones

Consider this report verified. Also sadface, because I like those comics. I think after this is fixed, I’m downloading all the comics to my hard drive. I do that with another comic I really like, too. Lets me read awesome things even when I don’t have Internet.


Still not fixed. Too bad, i’ll miss some parts of the plot. =/

If nobody actually TELLS ME pages are missing I can’t fix them. There’s over 1000 pages. It takes forever to scour the whole archive.

Question is – are the people bidding on these $600+ small houses moving up or buying in? And if they are moving up, what happens when they try to sell their overpriced condo/townhouse to a newbie?I’m not sure that this activity means much until we see if these houses really close and what happens to the condo market later this year.

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