*cough* can’t….breath *cough* too…funny…to…stop *cough*laughing!…………….. Okay, i’m better now. Seriously, i laughed so hard i couldnt breath when i first saw this.

Has anyone ever seen anyone with a pair of ‘owl’ glasses that’s not just a costume prop?

Yes. It was a nerdy girl at my school who got attention from basically all the guys (yeah, she was one of THOSE nerdy girls.)

She flirted with my constantly. I have certain… charms… that I can use to avoid falling under such spells as the ones her female wile cast upon the other boys.

The title of this comic is truth. Absolute truth. Absolute, cosmic, universal truth.

THAT SAID… glasses themselves are not given near enough attention so far as comics go. They’re almost always reduced to circles or rectangles… completely transparent or completely opaque. Even the folks who put major effort into drawing fancy outfits never seem to give the same sorta love to glasses.

And I understand the difficulty. Drawing lenses isn’t easy, and even getting the frames right can be tricky perspective-wise… but still…. Glasses need love.

(I wouldn’t dare challenge anyone to draw my glasses. Gok Wan designer frames with gradated opacity. The frames themselves start black at the top and gradually fade transparent towards the base. Brilliant design, which is why I chose them in the first place.)

I have seen a web comic that did glasses right. Unfortunately, it was sufficiently long ago that I can’t remember which one. I wouldn’t guarantee the frames were portrayed correctly, but I kind of recall it being one of those artists you couldn’t expect to get frames right. But the glasses had reflections and the character with coke-bottle glasses appeared to have tiny pupils while wearing his glasses, and the gal with massive convex lenses appeared to have gigantic pupils when she was wearing her glasses.

To be fair, I’m not certain he got their prescriptions 100% correct, but both of those characters were apparently legally blind without their glasses, and their pupils were distorted to similar degrees of actual people I’ve known who were legally blind due to extreme nearsightedness or farsightedness that was correctable with glasses.

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