724 Seemingly.

I think this is the first time Nina’s full name has been made known. He age might have been revealed already, but I can’t recall.

In my mind’s eye the transition between this page and the prior is one of those George Lucas wipes. I know that he’s no master of cinema, but there you are. His dark mark remains on my soul to this day.

I don’t know when it happened, but at some point the flavors of Lifesavers candy changed. For the better, mind you, but change none the less. The miserable lime is gone though the packaging still implies lime involvement. Apparently the green ones are something else. Watermelon is my best guess, but if I ever found a watermelon that tasted like that I would hesitate to take a second bite. Something has gone afoul in watermelon land. There’s also a purple flavor. It tastes like grape, but I thing it’s supposed to be raspberry. It tastes purple. Still, it’s an improvement over lime and whatever else was in there before. I don’t remember raspberry, so maybe it was something else. honestly, as a kid, I just stuck them in my head. Even the lime ones.


books make people beautiful

Reggie’s a creep, but I can’t exactly get mad at him, you know?

Also, there’s nothing wrong with George Lucas wipes. They’re really good. He was a fine maker of films. It’s really a shame that he died in that horrible car crash in 1990. It would have been interesting to see what he would have done if he’d had the chance to make the prequel trilogy like he talked about.

My alternate universe is awesome, you guys are welcome to join me.

are you trying to make Reggie seem like less of a douche so you can make this new guy the new douche?
Cuz so far, it’s working

It’s all a matter of perspective. No matter how interested you are in a person if they don’t feel the same it’s somewhat pointless.
I await with great curiosity how the new guy will react to Edward. His personality makes it seem likely that he’ll take a swipe at Ed’s height and find even more to loathe in the way that Nina and Brooksie flock around him.

Reggie may be a douche, but he wants to be reliable and cool. These two seem to get along quite well, and honestly, it sheds quite a bit of additional light on Reggie’s character as opposed to this new guy’s total jerkwadness.

Reggie is appearing to be a much better person then we were led to believe when he was first introduced.

And able to deliver a pimp slap at sub-sonic speeds!
I cansee why her full name doesn’t come up often lol. NAG wouldn’t be appropriate.

Nina has some very attractive hips, Also Just cuz her Intials spell Nag doesnt mean she is own infact if you look at her personality shes quite the oppisite she seems more the loving mother then the naggish old crone also My intials are CCR dont see me witha guitar inhand singing songs for a living but yes somtimes very rarely do Intials spell out the person character like with my sisters they spell out WAR and shes starts the majority of the arguements around the house and if she dont starts them she makes them worse

Don’t know if it’s been noted elsewhere that Wes appears to have a mysoginistic streak to him, too, which at least Reggie doesn’t have – he’s an equal opportunity irritant. I’m hoping for a huge Wes smackdown in future panels, just based on his “and she’s a woman” comment from earlier with Mike.

Nina Anne Grace is a lovely name, that suits her well. It did give me a bit of a doubletake though, as I know a pair of sisters with two of those three names.

Seriously, dude, I want like a zip of your themes folder, or maybe we can correlate and you can give me admin access to your wordpress so I can fix your archive page.

Damn Straight! John Waters is wise! and fcol don’t mess up your chromosomes with lifesavers or any of that crap, it’s all chemicals and heavy metals nowadays…

and Nina, who cares what her initials spell? like brooksie, she’s a sweetie too, though each in her own way… =)

To quote Shad from the book STRIP TEASE by Carl Hiaasen (in the context of speaking to Reggie):

“You’re pathetic…but ya got good taste.”

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