588 Chumplestiltskin.

Thanks to all of you that wished my a happy birthday.  I hope to enjoy many more with you.  XD

All kinds of cool stuff is coming out all at once.  People need to stagger that shit.  I got Pokemon Soul Silver, but now there’s, like, 500 other new things appearing.  A lot of cool WiiWare.  Megaman 10, of course, but now Cave Story as well, plus that marker thing looks really good the more I think on it…  The Nintendo channel had a whole thing about the guy who made Cave Story.  Just a Japanese kid with some spare time, who now has a game available for the Wii.  :O  I want a game available for the Wii.  T^T


I just got SS too! I’m speeding through the game though, and I can’t really enjoy the experience as must as I’d like to(as I accidentally bought the french only version :S), but it’s a great game and I’m enjoying the new additions ^^. Any thoughts on it yourselves? (Talking to all)

I purchased both SS and HG, and proceeded to trade all three starters into Pearl so I could breed them and hand the eggs over. Thus allowing me to run through a play with all three starters, which is nice. I am playing SS right now and figure that when I play HG I will do it without any starters and just use pokemon I don’t normally use. The games themselves have some features I like better than previous iterations, but occasionally I find myself missing the DIAMOND/PEARL/PLATINUM interface. The pokewalkers are awesome, but I walk a couple miles pretty much everyday. So the entire experience with the ‘walker is probably different than average.

I’m always reminded of Kabuto from Naruto every time the glasses flash happens. That’s… not a good thing.

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