Oy, that’s what happens over me but it’s not as funny as this. I feel special, but with those type are the creepoids and weirdos. I feel like a magnet.

behold my geeky knowledge the scarf that ed and his sister wear resembles one of the old doctor’s scarf and the shadow proclamation was used by the eleventh doctor for sure possible the tenth as well

Shadow Proclamation was used by the ninth Doctor in his very first episode (“Rose”) against the Nestene Consciousness. It was also used by Rose herself (to humorous effect) against the Sycorax, the tenth Doctor against Miss Foster in the Adipose episode, the Isolus inside Chloe Webber, and it was used a bunch of times in various comics and stories. However, it never existed in the old series; it was created alongside the ninth Doctor.

…Jidoon platoon upon the moon. :P

lol NEVER try to use a doctor who pick-up line to attract a potterhead, but since I’m both, a few sherlock quotes, an HP reference or to and you’ve scored yourself a date.
Although, I don’t see how this is objectifying.

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