A bear is driving a car? But Bear’s are awesome! They have fur and muscles and claws! Of course they can drive cars!

Side note, that is the best plan ever.

OMG a jay and silent bob cartoon reference FTW.

though did leave out the car full of midgets and the anime ending :D

Wha? More Ice Cream? This girl’s gonna be high maintenance.

*shrug* Looks like it only goes to two places anyway.

Clerks Cartoon, not Jay & Silent bob cartoon, they got the comic books.

Previously on clerks. Beeeeeeeeeeeeee…………

What guy wouldn’t think that is the best plan every…………..other than lacktoastatallorance((I sound it out:)))

First Six-String Samurai, then the Clerks cartoon. It’s just kinda odd to hear stuff like this ’cause I’m the only one I know who’s actually seen them and/or like them. Weird…

*sigh* I wish I knew girls who were this direct and willing to make plans. It’d make it so much easier to do what they wanted. I’m bad at guessing these things.

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