Yup, that’s what I figured. Or that he was just going to reach out and pick her up. Gotta act out that Napoleon complex.

No, all things considered, you want to PREVENT her from hurting herself in the fall and thus catch her.

Funny thing is Napoleon was actually quite tall for the time period at 5’6″

About average for a man in 18th century France. One theory is that he was seen as short because he was often surrounded by senior military officers who tended to be taller than average.

Not to mention the whole English propaganda angle, trying to emasculate the guy to demistify his figure by making the military giant out to be a midget in person.

Now THAT got her attention! Man, I was always kidded as a child about my “popeye” forearms (I grew up pounding nails on the homes my dad’s company built), but Ed just truly strong-armed her…

I really like how every so often there’s these moments when you can literally see that Ed and Jess are siblings. It’s a rare thing when an author can communicate familial resemblance with visuals alone, and it’s pages like this one where the art makes it truly shine. From the shapes of their features to the facial expressions they make, it all really drives home that these two are not only related, but grew up together and ended up with similar mannerisms. You love to see it!

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