241 Nee Hee Hee.

With the addition of color I have to keep pulling myself back from being too cinematic with this stuff.  I’m walking the line between what I want to see and what I can actually do.  It’s…  stressing… to put it mildly.  I chose a very poor time to be feeling out of sorts.  I did manage to catch up to my regular timetable though, by doing an extra page yesterday.  It wore me out a bit, but slowly I think I’m getting an handle on things again.


Will I think your doing a great job and I love the Nee Hee Hee.

Also are you doing this all on a tablet?

They didn’t color the picture on her shirt.

Even in a world of color, there are some things which just happen to be black on white or white on black.

If you’re not paying for something, it cannot be a ripoff.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a comic use “nee hee hee” as an onomatopoeia for laughter… and yet I can perfectly imagine what it sounds like in my head.

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