2408 Your Mother.

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John actually has backstory. It’s barely been touched on, but I did write it. Hopefully we’ll all live long enough for me to get to it. I’ll need money to live so if you feel like coming with me on the journey please consider supporting me on Patreon (or subscribestar or paypal).

Somebody decided to burn a log in the field out back today and it’s still smoldering. So I’m distracted. I may com e back and write more after I make sure the house isn’t in danger.


Typo: “You’re family” should be “Your family”

Love your strip.

“You’re family. Must suck if we’re the upgrade…” is also a viable fix. Slughtly different meaning, but I chose to believe Jo is deliberately and warmly ambiguous.

Hey Jackie, just checking in for a typo on “you’re family”. Also, hope the thing with the log goes well for you guys.

The fact that out of the entire staff, John really only feels comfortable with calling just Thomas and Brooksie family makes me feel sad.

He’s friendly with the others, even Carol now, but honestly he’s only ever really bonded with those two. The others are potentially going to be let in someday, but he’s been to many spooky places with Thomas & Jo. Alex might have become something too, but he fumbled it.

How did he fumble it with Alex? Just curious.

He missed his chance of starting a relationship with her when she was interested in him. He waited too long and she soon started to develop feelings for Reggie who wasted no time in making his interest in her plain. Granted, it could probably take a while to happen or never happen at all, but I honestly hope John can start something with Victoria. Not because I want him to get back at Reggie, but from what few scenes he and Victoria have shared, there’s something there. At least in my shipping squirrel brain.

Part of my shipping squirrel brain shops John and Brooksie, but I don’t really wanna lose the representation gotten from her relationship with Ed’s sister.. also also don’t know how the film is gonna go with Jen in charge..

Heh. I’ve got my chips on John and Rulette or John and Vicky. But if it’s the latter that gives us the chance for Mike and Rulette.

Last I checked, before making out with Reggie, she still was interested in John and said she was happy having two boys fight over her. Also, she still hung out with John and opened up to him. While she and Reggie seem interesting together, I still think her just choosing Reggie without talking to John seems a bit rushed.

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