238 Clearly.

This is another of those moments where you can begin to see the odd dynamic that will be the cornerstone of their relationship.  You would think that someone as deceptive as Thomas would be the natural “leader”, but Carol’s very direct personality seems to trump his.


Fooling a guy, even a smart guy is not that big an accomplishment. It’s fooling other girls who have a better radar for this sort of thing that’s the trick.

well apparently its hard for girls to remember their own continuity because she had previously stated it was a FOUR year crush. so she either only fooled him for the first two years and they’ve known it ever since, or its just a story arc blunder. don’t go thinking guys are so easily deceived. some of us actually pay attention.

You never tell a new person you had a thing for them for the full time. That’s like handing over all the power to them.

Hate to be not picky about it, but technically she mentioned having given up on the idea after a certain point because he was “just an asshole” so it could have been that she was really into him for the first two years, then after her little revelation there wasn’t enough to have to hide. Not that the feelings weren’t there, but they were just sorta…dormant, and thus did not require hiding.

The tough part of any serious relationship, especially one with someone as good looking as Carol, is not tentpoling whenever you’re around her. It tends to give things away pretty darn quick…

The entire ruse starts off by Carol fooling Thomas into believing she’s had a crush on him for two years, instead of the actual four… then again maybe she’s trying to fool herself.

No chance. Even now, the hairs on Nina’s neck are standing up. One look – one sniff- and they’re both busted. Not that she’ll do anything beyond an “I told you so”

In my experience, entirely deceptive people are rarely leaders. They may get promoted into the management chain, but they don’t *lead*, and rarely effectively manage. The person who actually tells people what to do will almost always be more effective, even if most people don’t listen, because following by intuition is fraught with error with even the most interested follower.

Tom isn’t entirely deceptive, but what he’s been doing that isn’t deceptive has been damage control. He hasn’t been trying to lead, just stop the pain.

That could change now. But up to this point in the comic, Carol has been more of a leader than he has, simply because he hasn’t been trying to go anywhere. Not that she has been immensely better on that score, but she’s at least been somewhat better on it.

I don’t see Nina doing an, “I told you so,” unless she wasn’t actually interested in doing her own dating a coworker thing.

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