2373 The Most Annoying Way To Die.

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First, before I forget, several people have sent me early Xmsas presents. Or maybe just presents that happen to be given in the month of December & they are actually unaffiliated. I’m not sure. In any case, thank you. Using the blog is more reliable than sending thank you notes because I don’t always get a little slip in the package to do the automated reply thing Amazon does. I’ve noticed that in years where it seems like everyone is struggling with money I get more random gifts. It makes me wonder if the people who read the comic have jobs that thrive in hard times, or if the hard times make people worry about me. Regardless, I appreciate the thoughts. A few people have asked for a way to just send money without using paypal or patreon & I don’t know how you could do that safely, but if you wanted to email me an amazon giftcard code that would probably work. It’s not giving me money per se, & it is locked to a specific retailer, but I almost always have to use Amazon to get things to me out here. I have an account so I don’t have to pay for shipping, which makes the money go farther. Like, I know a couple of you don’t want to support certain businesses, but the reality of where I live kind of makes it hard not to shop at Walmart, you know? I dunno, I’ve just had conversations about this with people & I’m not in a position to fight Jeff Bezoz. You guys who live in metropolitan areas are gonna have to take him and paypal down while still being able to shop a varied locations. XD Anyway, if you sent me stuff for my DIY projects keep an eye on my social media areas to see how I misuse them. Most of it is going to come down to me customizing Transformer toys. Not world shaking art but it’s a thing I like doing. If you sent me something my offer to draw a quick sketch stands. You can remind me whenever and I’ll put it in to my list of stuff to do. It’s kind of like a reverse godfather. Someday, and that day may never come, you will ask me to draw your fursona…

Anyway, Uh, Patreon. It’s a way to continually support my work. I’m reminding people because that’s a responsible business choice.


A couple of spelling errors I found:

In the 3rd panel in the 4th word balloon Alex says: “But even he average patron,” I think “he” should be “the”.

In the 4th panel in the 3rd word balloon Alex says: “It a death by a thousand cuts,” I think “It” should be “It’s”.

Ko-fi might be an alternative. Same with cashapp.

I know venmo might be a suggestion as well, but they operate only in the US.
Creators tend to use ko-fi as an alternative to patreon though.

“I’ve noticed that in years where it seems like everyone is struggling with money I get more random gifts. It makes me wonder if the people who read the comic have jobs that thrive in hard times, or if the hard times make people worry about me.”

This is only anecdotal, but the local foodbank gets the vast majority of it donations from the poorest neighborhood in town. To extend 2 sets of data points into a radical Bad Ad-hoc Hypothesis, our species is better at being aware of the hardship of others when we too are facing hardship. Perhaps it’s an evolutionary thing, where we are more generous during famine to maximize the size of our social group/tribe that survives the famine.

At any rate, it’s not just you, and yes it seems reasonable from what I’ve seen that people are more worried about you because the world is covered in hardship and death.

Somethimg, something, smooth transition.

Merry Christmas?

I’ve made this comment before: It is perfectly legal to mail cash, checks too.

Jackie, I can understand that you wouldn’t want to publish your home address. At my local post office, box rental is about $10 a month. Yeah, it’s an expense, but you might find it desirable to route some of your other mail to it too. the post office may or may not have 24 hour access to the PO boxes, that depends on that particular post office.

Also, maybe you might consider more Patreon levels. $2 and $5 per month? Don’t know hat you might add as incentives. You don’t have random background peoples, so including a subscriber in the art probably isn’t a good option, but I’m sure you might come up with something.

X2. You know I don’t trust all this new-fangled electronical whatsis. I was kinda overwhelmed with self adhesive stamps. How many pandemics were delivered by the US postal service on those moist licked stamps? Smallpox, ya reckon?

Fun fact: there’s never been a need to lick any stamps.

Get your finger wet, run your finger on the stamp.

I will admit, the first step in that process has a variety of possible ways it can be performed and at least two of them are just as bad as licking the stamp from a disease transmission point of view.

That said, there are mitigating factors that probably apply:

– One wets the side of the stamp that is then affixed to the envelope or postcard. Thus, most of the germs are trapped where they won’t be able to infect anyone.

– Most pathogenic microbes do not survive well in dry environments, like on envelopes in a postal box. In the winter and summer, the environment inside postal boxes tend to become rather hostile to microbes in another way as well.

– Many illnesses, including smallpox and SARS2 aka Covid, require a fairly substantial infection to actually get a patient sick before that patient’s immune system can react to it. Getting a small amount of weakened by the environment smallpox on a letter would be more likely to have an inoculating effect rather than actually spreading the disease. That said, one letter with smallpox on it would probably not be enough to protect one from it to any significant extent, especially since it’s most likely that most of the smallpox on the envelope would be trapped or dead, and smallpox vaccination required a live but weakened virus to inoculate effectively.

– Self-adhesive stamps are the ones one *doesn’t* lick. It’s the stamps without that technological innovation that were ever even remotely a concern here.

Bonus (for people in the US, at least): if the PO box is going to be used for business-related things (as it would be in this case, IMO), then the price of it is tax deductible, too. It’s only(?) a $120 a year, but those things can add up fast.

“Someday, and that day may never come, you will ask me to draw your fursona.”

I totally heard that in Marlon Brando’s voice.

And then I wondered if it would be perfectly normal to find a horse’s head in your bed at that point.

The horse would still be attached

This is in jest, but:

Your mentioning Marlon Brando, + fursonas, made me imagine Brando wanting to buy a tiger costume! [Yuck!]

Get that idea out of my head! Get it out of my head!
(Hee, hee, hee!)

I will be honest… If I knew you could draw a black bear, I would totally be up for requesting a fursona sketch.

I can draw bears myself, but doing one that is distinctly a black bear (Ursus Americanus), is beyond my skill set atm.

So Churchill will have to wait. ;)

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