I’ve certainly needed outside intervention to get moving on occasion.

Perhaps percussive propulsion provided posteriorly?
Use ungentle urging underneath ?
Supply stern sharp shove?
Hand hitting hinny hard?

A short, sharp shock?

-Gilbert and Sullivan.

An electrifying idea, at best.
Me aud Dad useta sit us all down and start talking, … and continued on for an hour or more till we copped to, confessed, or capitulated -agreeing to implement a change. Gor it was wearying! Never laid a hand to us, to his credit. A debt we were never to repay.

The hardest part of it is just how deceptively small the “work” can be.

The breaking point that allows you to get the ball rolling really can be something so small and insignificant that you don’t realize it’s even there, much less that it’s the linchpin keeping you from finally getting youself on the right track.

Getting the job done requires that you keep moving forward.

And that starts with one footstep.

All of the above is solid. Which makes me hypocritical but sympathetic to the struggle of getting started. To corrupt Chumbawamba, “I get up, but get knocked down again.” The time before getting up is getting longer and longer, but the time before getting knocked down seems to be getting shorter. Be careful of the people in your life. Mad props to those who do get back up and get started again.

Always thought that was about the Irish. The saying, “Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result” comes to mind, too. (cause I’m some part Irish somewhere way back…)

Can confirm that it’s the interstitial between knowing the desired change and having completed it that help is needed with.
I’m hoping that all the someones that can help find the people that need the help.

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