time to gather the gang and go find more literal skeletons in not quite literal closets

Because this town is lousy with secret passageways and hidden bunkers!

Lemme just go get my pet Great Dane and we’ll all pack up in a van and go looking for them!

…no, of course my dog doesn’t talk. Why would you ask? But sometimes I swear his barking sounds like words.

Perhaps they could make a web-series about their investigations into the story behind those unmarked graves …?

I’m still salty about Journeyman getting canned midseason.

Hey, I thought my wife and I were the only ones who watched that show!

Everybody has that one show that ended too soon. I have several. For some it’s Futurama, Firefly, or the critic. too often too many good shows are taken before their time.

Decades later, I still resent that Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future didn’t get a second season.

Yes, you can look it up. I’ll wait.

No, Lord Dread isn’t ripping off Locutus, it is the other way around.

Yes, I was a child with odd tastes.

I remember that show. The toys reacted to beams, but I never had any. I knew a kid with one but the show was never on to see the thing actually work,

I have a couple of the toys and VHS tapes, all from clearance bins I believe.

The shows had flickering patterns for “targets” and “damaging things” that the photosensor in the toy would pick up.
And the toys had a lightbulb that could create those patterns so you could play Laser Tag with your equally-invested friends(until the non-replaceable grain-of-rice incandescent bulb burned out, anyways).

Take enough damage and the jet makes a loud siren sound and releases the catch holding the spring-loaded cockpit in, flinging the figure inside clean across the room. This was by far the best feature.

In hindsight, the actual show was dark as hell for a toy commercial.

Annoying, yes Straczynski had plans for the second season. For one thing, he was going to destroy the base from which troops came to rescue the plot whenever it got difficukt. He wanted his writers to find plots with some delth i stead of just taking the easy way out.

For me it’s Max Headroom (no, not Star Trek as some rumors have it.)

I’m just curious- do people say star trek rumors about you? That sounds like an intriguing story. :)

I’m a member of the original crop of Trekkies (long before any snowflakes decided they needed to be called “Trekkers”). And of that crop, I tested out to be in the top 5% (we’re talking TOS, by the way). For example, back in the old days, the sound on the TV would come on about 30 seconds before the picture. I would practice by identifying the episode by name just from the dialogue before the picture came on. I was right around 96% of the time. (I mean, if all you heard was “hailing frequencies open, captain,” it didn’t narrow your choices down much.) Even now I try to stay sharp by identifying each of the stills from the end credits by episode name.

I was the only one in my college science fiction club to have a Star Trek costume.

And Star Trek was canceled after only 2 seasons (I know the fans got a third season made, but nobody’s heart was in it so that last season wasn’t as good as it could have been. IMHO)

Ah yes, the quest for a sustainable career on the Internet. Best of luck to them, because luck is the only way they’ll stumble into one.

Now I want a crossover with Ethan from Dumbing of Age.

God please, no.

What, you don’t want me to have Carol beat the shit out of people, like a half assed Batman? You don’t want even intense emotional situations capped with a fart joke? You don’t want me to kill off characters just for cheap emotional impact? I can’t understand why…

Jackie, one of your stand-out virtues in the web comics world is that compared to the field you are very even keeled. I like that. And it makes your work better.

Well, I didn’t. But now? Don’t want Carol to go through the Psyche splitting emotional damage of Amber, but she would make a pretty amazing Amazi-Girl facsimile. And you have my permission to kill off Wes. He’s a little like Mike anyway.

My show I wish had more of a chance was dollhouse. That was a really great concept, cut short….

Also, I know Thomas is supposed to be the self-insert but I bet this computer guy is more true to life lol.

It wasn’t when I started, but every year it gets closer and closer…

It’s just my motto:
“Every day, in every way…I’m NOT gonna end up looking like Winston Churchill!”

(His shape is OK, but…JEEZ, buddy Winnie. Buy a toupee, or something!) :D

To keep their viewers, they could require that all of the videos’ cast wear speedos + bikinis, in the videos.

Then, in-between their ghost-hunting scenes, they could have the cast do PG-rated, sensual dancing, to keep the viewers entertained.
Ya have to make a gimmick…that keeps them comic back! :D

I’ve been too busy to read comics regularly. I started binge-reading when work is getting to be too much, which is all the time now, but I don’t get to fuck off all the time. I’m saddened to hear about the loss of a community member and a long time reader. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten on Discord, and I don’t comment nearly as much now, but you should know I still care about you and your work, and I always enjoy it tremendously. It’s has just gotten much harder to function in any sense of normal.

I’ve gotten to the point that stopped being able to sleep. I went literally four weeks without sleeping for more than one or two cycles, 45 miuntes to 3 hours a “night,” so now I rely on sleeping pills. At the end of that month I was no longer able to function at all. I’m at the end of my wits with regards to my business, my job, this pandemic, and all of it, but I’m not at the end of my rope. I’m so far ahead of where I was when I found this comminc, from a mental health perspective. There are too many things in life to ever be able to attribute anything to one thing, but my ability to be where I am today, for good or for bad, certainly has something to do with my interactions with you at the end of 2016. I’ve said it once and I’ll keep on saying it, if not for you, than for anyone else who reads this: I cannot thank you enough not just for your work, but for the geniuin care you have for your community.

Also, R.I.P Village Idiot. It feels wrong to call him by that name.

We don’t know the cause of death, but I hope he knew he wasn’t completely alone in his struggles.

It was the name he or she chose.

I mean no ill will, but Michael R didn’t say that no one could call this person village idiot. Michael R said that M.R. felt wrongly about calling someone the name, village idiot, and was probably just revealing that feeling. Peut etre.

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