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Jo is wise to Thomas & John’s shenanigans. Next time she’ll bring tids to enjoy… Just you wait and see.

On the way to Thanksgiving dad’s truck died. We were about halfway there so it added an extra 90 minutes to the trip. Ironically we were about 300 yards from the home of the Teen’s estranged grandfather, but we just waited in the truck, getting progressively more cold. It lost oil pressure but wasn’t leaking, so dad thought it must be the pump. Regardless he may just replace the truck because it has other issues that may make repairing it more expensive than just buying another. That always strikes me as an odd situation. Vehicle pricing in general strikes me as a scam, but that’s a whole other thing.

A an rate we made it there eventually and it was nice, although the ham was terrible. It didn’t seem to be cooked very much at all. That was disappointing. Overcooked ham is the star on my plastic plate every Thanksgiving. You can’t, as they say, win ’em all.

Anyway, that’s why I’m posting late. I hope you had a nice day even if you don’t celebrate American Thanksgiving.

Oh, I almost forgot. I said I’d let new people into the discord server.


Well- show the whole group a sexy photo session, or a [sexy + nude] photo session, and then the guys won’t be looking at big tiddys, they’ll be looking at YOU.

Happy Flashing, camera-pals! ;D

Something that amuses me: My eyes quickly ran over the blog post before I started reading it. They noticed the words “dad” and “died” in close proximity and I started to have a panic attack for about half a second before I noticed the word “truck” between them and it shut itself down hard.

I guess now I know that hearing about the death of a parent of someone who I don’t know, but whose work I follow can trigger a panic attack. So that’s interesting.

Reggie’s already blundered off into an inspection of the building’s wiring, so you know ghost hunting has fallen by the wayside therein.

Big tiddy girls are awesome, but even their copious charms are little match against an infrastructure-based mystery.

I hear what Jackie is saying on the truck front. I was visiting family in Oklahoma and I went out to my old truck to go home. It started up and then just died. There was nothing. No lights, no starter, just nothing. Luckily it turned out to be just a loose battery cable but I know feeling of having a vehicle let you down. The truck price situation is pretty ridiculous. The car companies have figured out that they can load a truck down with expensive options. A new full size truck can run up to as much as 70 thousand dollars. This in turn drags up the price of used trucks which makes it hard for ordinary folks to afford a truck. On a more hopeful note the problem with Jackie’s dad’s truck may just be an oil pressure sensor. It’s rare to completely lose oil pressure without a catastrophic failure.

Get with the times. The fanciest can run over $100,000 now. Diesel, leather, 4×4, navigation, wifi, cameras. Saw a local farmer driving a new King Ranch Super Duty. Said,’Man, what’s the deal, why didn’t you get the Platinum” He said,”Well, I was gonna get the regular one, but this one has the LED headlights.” Replied, “Man, my 95 Chevy has LED headlights.” ($25 off of eBay) (($850 for the truck))

car shopping has always been a thorn in my side… new cars don’t last long and finding an older one that is worth the effort can be like playing Russian roulette. Then the market itself is over inflated 20k for a basic new car is a bit much never mind that a classic can go for half a mill or more now.

there seems to be a few that fit the category of worth buying but I haven’t completely cracked that nut yet. on the truck front I would say old chevy c10’s are worth looking into as long a the frame isn’t fubared. sedan wise look for crown vics. pre 2000 toyotas or hondas are good too.

I just want a Pinto with custom license plates that say “FIREBALL”.
Sure, I’m still driving a Pinto, but at least people are afraid to tailgate me.

What a coincidence.

My car broke down too… About 300 yards for *home*.
Had to take my son’s car to Delaware… Not very fun. It’s not really designed for “distance” driving

Well there is something to be said for spending quality time with a lady while your waiting… and the bigger the quality… the more time you have to spend. lol

I missed the discord invite… ;_;

Oh geez, this is definitely old me. I’m only just seeing these replies while rereading everything, so I never went back through and got the invite. Not really sure how to ask since I don’t do social media besides discord.

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