I took a random search on google, + found a Belvidere, Kansas -area junk/ antiques shop, named- The Trails End Junk Shop.
Here’s a web address for it: http://www.allonesearch.com/29559621/
Do you think that was the one that you went to?
P.S.- that shop might be out if business, anyhow. I like searching for things, so I thought I’d look for that shop.

That reminded me- when I was a kid, my parents would take the family to picnics, sometimes, out on weekend days,…and they would give us a picnic in a graveyard.
I think they did that so that me + my siblings would see funerary-stuff, and graveyards, as no big deal.

Are you kidding? Graveyards (during the day) are generally quiet, peaceful, and not crowded (aboveground, that is), with lots of open, grassy areas. The perfect place for a family picnic. As long as you don’t trip over a gravestone while playing frisbee.

Heh, heh! Yeah.
It’s also a good idea to tell kids- don’t play hide + seek in the graveyard, after dark.
They could flatten their noses by running into high obelisks. :D

“Cheerfully Nihilistic” should be a D&D alignment.

Not to be confused with “Cheerful Pessimist”.

Mind you the D&D alignment system is not cut out for such nuances. It is like trying to fit a square peg into an orange. I prefer the Paladium system of alignments since you can easily add to, or subdivide the base alignments. Mind, true neutral does equate to apathy in that system.

Remember kids, don’t forget to flaunt your jazz hands while proudly exclaiming that you are cheerfully nihilistic! :)

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