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Girl clothes are way less likely to have functional pockets, so these shorts must be some of Jessica’s most prized.

I’m watching a neighbor’s dog in addition to our five. For some reason 5 dogs is relatively fine, but six is just exasperating. It’s weird how one more dog changes the dynamic of the whole pack. All 6 of the dogs are very needy and want to be as close to a human as possible at all times. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if I didn’t spend so much time drawing, since getting bumped causes a lot of issues. Basically I have to leave them to their own devices until I have things inked because coloring isn’t as fiddly. So far we’ve had no accidents in the house. fingers crossed we won’t have any for the duration.


I was waiting to see when this arc would continue, and I can say I’m quite excited to see how this turns out. The D&D discussion was certainly interesting (partly because a few friends and I are trying to start a group), but this is really what I’ve been looking forward to for the last week.

I feel like you’re teasing me with these 2 like they’re gonna get really close and some giant revelation with prevent them from being happy (going to be the next Faye and Martin

Woo, I love Questionable Content! I also love Between Failures! And lots of other things too! Woo!
*scampers away*

me as well.

plus this one web comic that i read a ton of but lost the bookmark too…
some thing about two roommates, and one is new i think but they’re old friends.
and some highschool girl keeps visiting and eventually crushes on the new guy and he doens’t wanna make a move cause.. highschooler (though they’re like 5 years apart)
and last i remember he visited her house to help fix her pc, and she was in a trailer court iwth a rather large family which explains why she always went to the other guys house instead and rarely home.

There is a similar comic, called: Blaster Nation.
I don’t think Blaster Nation is the one you saw, but b.n. is at:

www [dot] blasternation [dot] com .

That comic almost sounds like Treading Ground, which read a lot like Between Failures, actually, but a totally different story.

It ended several years ago, unfortunately…

Treading Ground is what you’re thinking of. I remember reading that years ago and also forgetting what it was called. Fortunately I’m a master of google-fu.

You’re watching 6 dogs, at once?
Wow! You have more patience + dog skills than I do. Wow.

Well Jackie has mentioned several times that he felt his best trait was his dogged persistence …

The way this has been going I think Nina is trying to hurt Ed like the disclaimer for Viagra warns you. . You know the part about about how an erection lasting more then 4 hours can hurt you. Of course being around Nina in itself might cause the same thing.

I think that’s the second time a woman has said something like that to Ed(in regard to pulling things off).

I never got this, how come man can wear skinny jeans and have pockets but woman who ware skinny jeans can’t have pockets? I mean, okay, I can understand not having pockets on leggings (which while are often sexy, are not practical day to day cloths), or skirts, but most western woman in the modern age wear pans, and they are the same kind of pants guys wear for the most part. Not putting pockets in those pants (even if it might not look great if you actually use those pockets) makes about as much sense and when they sow shut the breast pocket… like why? Why do you do that? If I’m already paying $100 for a blazer, would it have really killed you to add a real pocket? And what’s worse sometimes the pocket is there, its just sown shut, so all you have to do is take a knife to your new $$$ blazer or dress shirt and cut the string the used to close it, and it becomes a 100% functional pocket. WHY DID YOU GO THROUGH THE EXTRA WORK OF CLOSING MY POCKET GOD DAMNIT?

Pockets on dress clothing for both men and women are stitched shut to help preserve the shape of the garment in shipping and while hanging on the display rack. Also to keep those who try the clothes on from leaving things in the pocket. It is fully intended that the stitching be removed before the owner wears it. That is why the stitching only of the most temporary sort, it is not substantially done.

Technical alert! This page is not linked from the archive, the previous page does not have a next button, and the next page does not have a previous button. *gasp* Secret page!!!

One really nice thing about the site: I entered the link with just the number, and it redirected to the proper number-title link. I would never have found the page otherwise.

It just occurred to me that Nina looks like she’s cosplaying “Bubbles” from the powerpuff girls..

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