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Last Friday night I made sure I had all my work done that had to be done before the weekend and updated my art program. It hadn’t been updated in a couple of years because I hate risking a system that I know works for one that MIGHT. I didn’t want to get so far behind that I wouldn’t be able to update eventually though, so I insured my tasks and did it. It installed quickly and worked just fine. No trouble at all so far. CSP is very stable. More so than photoshop ever was. It continues to be better for my purposes in every way. You never knew if things were going to just stop working with photoshop & you’d lose hours of work in an instant. That’s only happened once in the three or so years since I switched over. If you want to start a comic Clip Studio is the affordable alternative to Adobe that I recommend.


And with this… this storyline just turned into my current favorite. Here’s hoping it will surpass the D&D storyline in number of sheer laughs it has given me.

I don’t think the comic will be able to handle this chapter. There is going to be such a massive overlord of snark from these characters

Do I press X on a Nintendo, Microsoft, or Sony layout?
Which is to say… the top, left, or bottom of the button diamond?

Also, was it intentional that you chose a button label that exists on all three current platforms or just a happy coincidence?

Victoria is just flitting about whispering in everyone’s ears like a ghost. It’s been a different person each day. And she wasn’t in the group shot. I’m just picturing her popping up behind a different someone and dropping commentary as they walk along.

Aww the two girls who do the hide-your-hands-in-your sleeves thing are bonding over laughing at Reggie’s… Reggieness..?

This is an excellent scene, really adds to the personality of all of the characters involved.

I also love the hands-in-sleeves girls! :D

Yep, “Reggieness” sounds good to me.

Reggie also invented a food blender, named, the Reg-o-matic! [Hee hee hee!]

I am glad CSP is working out for you. I have trouble understanding why people continue to try and use photoshop and force it to do what you wanted, when CSP is specifically designed for drawing comics.


Now begin the data backups of the backups of the backups of the contingencies of the redundancies of the failsafes.

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