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In spite of the fact that Carol is not shy about what she wants & tends to mean what she says Thomas hedged his bet. Which is a big difference in their personalities. He never believes that good things are likely. Not really deep down. She pretty much believes in herself and her ability to get what she wants in any circumstances. They’re a good balance for each other but they also sort of spur each other on.


“Miss Graves, you’re trying to seduce me… and succeeding!”

That last panel shows the sexiest possible thing a girl can exude. Willingness. Gets me every time.

Consent is a beautiful and necessary component in a loving relationship, but to be perfectly honest, the sexiest (and scariest) thing a woman can exude is genuine desire for you. Just the thought of them wanting to consume you…it’s bewildering!

O_O Holy sweet creator of worlds!! First time reading this comic where I have legitimately been glad none of my coworkers were around when the page loaded.

What are you doing reading comics at work?

As much as I like the last panel…
How did Carol got so much tine to get her hair fixed like that? Does she always wear lingerie at work? (If she did that would be REALLY uncomfortable) or did she carried it in a bag? How much does the break lasts? Is there a shower in there or is she gonna go back to work smelling like sewer?

I don’t normally post, but she is wearing the garter wrong… Common misconception, but underwear go on outside the garter, not inside. Assuming you intend to have any fun that is… Basically if you put the underwear outside the garter you can’t take them down without removing the garter first.

On the other hand, her wearing it wrong and then not being able to get the underwear down could be an interesting setup… Especially with them short on time. Thomas’ reaction could be interesting.

Look up any reference and it will be the way I drew it. It’s so often done this way it has become the more common way. Also, all you have to do is undo two clasps to get them off. You don’t have to take off the whole thing.

This is because you are not afraid of reality, you can slap it down anytime you like,… You just didn’t feel like it, today. Personally I think you nailed it, but that’s why I’m a regular reader, it’s just that fine a comic, … In fact it’s so good you don’t need magic or werewolves or aliens to be in my top five. BTW: who needs werewolves when you have Tina, Carol, and Jo? The triumvirate of womanhood, I just don’t…

Oh…. fuuu, dangum. I can homestly say i have never had a comicbook or webcomic character outside of Hentai give me a chub until now.

Holy crap that’s good art!

She’s freaking HOT!

The Law of Drama says that someone will walk in on them, but the Rule of Cool says not. Be interesting to see if anything plot-centric happens of this, or if it is simply a way of Carol expressing her assertive self.

So happy to be a Patreon supporter right now, can’t wait for the inevitable adult version of that last panel. Thomas is indeed a lucky man.

Delighted to be a Patreon patron so I could enjoy the even more NSFW version of this we got. Both the original and the rework are fantastic. :)

Pages like this make me glad I’m retired — I won’t get disciplined for looking at it…

Disciplined? You mean you’ve been caught at work viewing erotic material? Damn, I always use caution in such risqué endeavors at the workplace, and I haven’t been exposed to this day.

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