1833 Euphamistic.

I was going to do this page in a couple of different ways, but it would have made it extend out way too much & didn’t want to spend a week on it all. If I could draw faster I would have gone with it, but as it is I wanted to move past this faster.


Man, that tremulous kind-of smile on Jess’ face is perfect for this situation. A bit of hope, a bit of conveying “I love you (ish)”, and a bit of acknowledging the elephant in the room of her own screw-ups.

If Jo is so pissed about what Jess did, then why did she just go along with it?

Because she doesn’t want to have a fight in front of a stranger. Because she doesn’t want to lose Jess. Because being a little bitch about the whole thing doesn’t gain her anything. Take your pick.

It would still be tenting to drop the G-bomb. I don’t think it would seem odd in the conversation but it would be a “F*** you !” addressed to Jess.

It could still go the other way, if Jess pushes the point too far. Stranger-or-no, I’m sure that there’s a limit to just how extreme a lie Jo will assist. Otherwise, I side with any-&-all-parts of the Esteemed Author’s explanation.

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