This is friggin hilarious. Ed must be the cutest thing ever now to Nina. XD ‘Yes dearest’ *patpat* XP

I, for one, adore caffeinated Edward. I would be more adoring if today didn’t mark a bittersweet occasion, the last of ringling bros. shows.

Yeah, that really stinks.
The (U.S.) circus company, [ The Ringling Brothers, and Barnum and Bailey Circus], also called “the greatest show on earth”, has stopped its business, after 147 years of being in the traveling circus business.

But, to my guess- most pro circuses, making it on their own, probably had careers that lasted for only 10-20 years, if they were lucky that the careers lasted that long.
The great circus owner, + circus showman, Mr. P.T. Barnum – was a founder of the B. + Bailey part of the RB + Barnum and Bailey Circus. Barnum was born in 1810.
It’s May 22, 2017, my dear circus company. I’m glad that I got to see some of your shows, before they ended.
Your shows were some of the Greatest.

I wish they could have at least lasted to a solid 150, and retired in the same style of grandeur and fun they always had. Still, their longevity is impressive in their business, and they are to be admired.

It’s probably the cheerful expression, and big, golden hair that does it, but- in this page, I like Nina’s outfit. : )
She looks like tall, powerful anime girl, [in an angel costume, that has yellow wings on it].

Man, hyper-happy Ed is just adorable. He looks so happy, I’m smiling now. Its infectious.
Props, Jackie, this strip was really well done.

teen isn’t driving, teen has moved back in with you >>> teen has a party? something is not following logically here, but you are living it, and i am sorry its weighing so heavily on you.

be gentle with yourself if you can

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