1679 Dad.

She got a big girl soda, there’s no going back!

I almost didn’t do this page because it’s so simple, but once I saw it in my mind I had to. Jo has shown her love for soda before…

For the record, my taxes were very dear indeed, but I’ve seen enough of how the process works for my specific form that I think I can do it myself next year. It’ll save me at least $300 since I almost never take any deductions. For the most part things are streamlined except for how the tax law applies to artists and small business owners.


Wow. Looking back, it feels like Jo has become way more child like.

I also think there’s a weird height image going on, here-
Jo is stooping, I guess, in front of a 3-4 foot high counter, and that makes her look about 4 to 4.5 feet tall, meaning…she looks very young in the last panel, I guess.

For funsies: Drink a bottle of coke without burping. Then jump up and down. Prepare to give the loudest belch of your life.

Now you’ve got me expecting her to shock/impress us with a ‘Mega-Belch’!

Better the mega belch that the alternative.
Mind you even that could earn one kudos and brownie points in certain circles.

I’m *SO* sorry, but when you said ‘brownie’, in that context, my imagination went to a BAD place…
…definitely the WRONG kind of brownie!

XD man looking back your style has really evolved. I gotta admit i like the newer better, but i’ve always liked your creativity and individuality. Seriously, your art is awesome, please keep up the good work!

Wait wasn’t that last line a reference to a mst3k riff?

First thing I thought of too. The MST3K Movie. One of the greatest theatrical releases ever known.

“You know what my kids would say…”


“…dig this crazy, mixed-up plumbing.”

“Plug it in, Joe.”

-doesn’t even have any kids, poor deluded Joe….-

Jo’s sound effects remind me of the Bubble Guppies’ theme song. They’re something like:

Bubble, Bubble, Bubble,
Gup-pa, gup-pa, guppies…(etc.).

I’ve never understood the ‘taxes are hard’ mentality that our society seems to hold. Boring yes, but not difficult. The hard part is leafing through shit to try to find deductions and making sure you’ve got all of your paperwork and elligible receipts.

You hit the nail on the head.
I regularly procrastinate doing mine – because it’s boring (to me – maybe accountants find it fun…)
I’ts pretty easy. Just need to save your receipts for deductible stuff. I just toss mine in a box and then take an hour or so at tax time to sort it all out – mortgage, charitable deductions, personal property taxes, etc.

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