god yes. as a social experiment sometime, try it – walk into a toy store and start shopping for an action figure. explain to the salescritter who comes to you that you need a new one because you had such a shitty day. Make it awful and unload it on her like a ton of wet bricks. Observe reaction. Congratulations, you have just done science.

I go to GAME and come out with at least £100 of console games…

The stupid thing is, I’m not sure which is the more expensive outlet any more.

Hey, fu*k off, alcoholism is great… okay, it actually isn’t, but at least I don’t spend my hard earned money on toys, which makes me less of a hopeless loser than those who do (not by much, I’ll grant you, but still)

But at the same time you can still sell the toys and maybe get a bite to eat. Unlike alcoholism, where once you’re dome with a beer, all you can do is collect and recycle for far less of a return.

Plus, toys don’t rape your liver or kidneys. At least I hope not… Collecting toys does not a loser make. A nerd, sue, but that’s another ballgame.

I’d say the person who chooses to poison themselves because they had a bad day is much more of a loser than someone who chooses to buy a toy for themselves because they had a bad day. Then choosing to disrespect the person who made the healthier choice just makes them more of a loser. Just sayin’.

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