god yes. as a social experiment sometime, try it – walk into a toy store and start shopping for an action figure. explain to the salescritter who comes to you that you need a new one because you had such a shitty day. Make it awful and unload it on her like a ton of wet bricks. Observe reaction. Congratulations, you have just done science.

I go to GAME and come out with at least £100 of console games…

The stupid thing is, I’m not sure which is the more expensive outlet any more.

Hey, fu*k off, alcoholism is great… okay, it actually isn’t, but at least I don’t spend my hard earned money on toys, which makes me less of a hopeless loser than those who do (not by much, I’ll grant you, but still)

But at the same time you can still sell the toys and maybe get a bite to eat. Unlike alcoholism, where once you’re dome with a beer, all you can do is collect and recycle for far less of a return.

Plus, toys don’t rape your liver or kidneys. At least I hope not… Collecting toys does not a loser make. A nerd, sue, but that’s another ballgame.

I’d say the person who chooses to poison themselves because they had a bad day is much more of a loser than someone who chooses to buy a toy for themselves because they had a bad day. Then choosing to disrespect the person who made the healthier choice just makes them more of a loser. Just sayin’.

Let’s compare toys to alcohol shall we? Those Toys don’t do long lasting psychological or physical damage to you by purchasing them and using them. While Alcohol is a depressant and literally helps to drag you *down* by making you feel even worse than when you started. It alters the chemicals in your brain to basically permanently effect your outlook on life over a long period of time.

Purchasing toys on the other hand may in fact end up being beneficial as A.) If you end up getting a rare toy you may be able to sell it to a collector for a ton of money something you bought for 20 dollars today could end up being worth 2,000 dollars years down the road. B.) if you ever find a significant other and have a kid.. well now you have something to bond with your child over. C.) Toys are not a “one time use” and work until they break.

Conversely, Imbibing alcohol is a one and done action and is temporary. You are more prone to making poor judgement while intoxicated with dire results. Furthermore, “alcoholic” isn’t exactly prime companion material. Plus due to the effect of consistent alcohol use you will be more likely to use less and less restraint… ending up with drinking on the job and then losing said job.

You won’t ever lose your job because you buy toys as a way to deal with your problem but alcoholics regularly lose their job because they no longer can control themselves to not drink on the job.

Admittedly I’m probably writing the response to a person who ended up meeting the severe consequences of frequent alcohol consumption already making my arguments moot.

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