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One of my friends has been on a quest to buy all of the games his brother stole, and the games he missed out on, after he left home. My knowledge of those costs was far out of date when he started, so I didn’t expect it to be all that bad in the scheme of things. I knew Chrono Trigger would be hard to get, and the SNES Final Fantasy games, but on average I expected he could amass a little empire to enjoy and pick up the stragglers as he went. Unfortunately our culture of observation has increased the value of even once largely ignored games. Everyone wants to be the fucking Game Grumps, and that monster needs to be fed anything that hasn’t already been commented on. Failing that, people want to do it again, but better. So now, everything has increased in value. Even if it’s available as a download. If you want the original systems it is getting expensive. I had to alter this little conjunctive section to reflect the fluid nature of collecting, which I had not taken into account originally. The fact that Chris was embarking on his task was a happy accident.

He has upgraded an old NES so the spring load system is just a slot in now, which reduces wear and increases functionality. He also got a spare, just in case, and for posterity. He gathered up a purple N64, but has had problems getting the classics of that system for decent prices. If I ever get to my stash I’m going to just send him the stuff I have no use for. Majora’s Mask, for example. Although I’m not sure I have that, or ever had it, for the N64. I know I had it for something. Gamecube for sure. It was a preorder bonus for something. I think it had Occarina with it as well. If it does have it I’ll probably give him that for the 64 as well. I know I’m never going to play those on the 64 again, and there’s a very good chance I won’t have anyone to pass them on to, so at least someone will enjoy them one more time at least.

The Ninja Gaiden games are another set I don’t have use for. I barely had use for them at the time they were new. I already sent him a box of randoms I had kicking around, like Astyanax, and Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. I have at least one other copy of the Mr Dream version and he really wanted the Tyson one. I’ve never gotten that far in either game, and I never will. I can get as far as Soda Popinski and that’s it. It’s been like that for 40 years. It’s time to accept that.

I can’t bring myself to part with Chrono Trigger yet. The ports mistime the ending music, and that really throws off the perfect feeling of the ending scenes. I may want to see that one again.


Ah, you also have the old Chrono Trigger. I had to get my copy used, but back when used game stores were still a thing (I think it ran me $60 back in 2000 or so, still one of my best purchases ever). I may not have the box or manual (same with FF3) but my copy of Secret of Evermore is still complete (nowhere near as listed after, but I enjoyed it…something about the cheesiness and the fake B-movie references was just awesome)

I will admit to having a slight obsession with Chrono Trigger, in that aside from the SNES version I’ve got it on PSone, virtual console, and the iOS port. Never grabbed the DS one though (though that is what the iOS port was, just on one screen). I may need to do another dozen playthroughs again soon…its been a while.

I love Chrono trigger, and in the box i would kill for that chance as well!

Reminds me of when i saw you playing a copy of Demons crest at Eb games years ago, i had never seen another copy before that!

Now im really regretting giving up my old consoles.

I got my copy of Chrono Trigger for $30 at a garage sale. My trick has been to find “broken” copies of games where the contacts corroded because the users blew on the cartridges. There are chemical treatments for corrosion, so my old favorites are as good as new.

I REALLY love how brooksie looks in the last scene. She looks so surpisingly cute + happy in the last panel, that it made me laugh out loud! Fun!

honestly now a days if you want to go retro without breaking the bank the best bet is to focus on the games themselves and less on the console. Most of the money lost is getting all the consoles you intend to play games for when 3rd party all in one units are, last time I checked, about 2-5 times cheaper (depending on the number of consoles you’re looking for and the unit since the cheaper ones are 2-in-1 and the more expensive ones are 6-in-1). as for games on the cheap, honestly flea markets and garage sales are a good bet if you have the know how to do repair work and there’s not a retro gaming store near you. That or find specialty online stores. I wish I kept the list but I used to have one of multiple websites for when I was rebuilding my collection, I had about 10 cart games before I stopped and it ran me about 50-60 bucks that way because some will want more for certain games than others.

Best video game find I ever had was, oddly, with the N64 myself. It was an almost fully loaded system. Expansion pack, two controllers… It was just missing the AV Cable. Luckily the SNES one works for the N64, too… anyway. That was $8. Yep. All that. $8. I then got three games – Majora’s Mask gold in its box, Gauntlet Legends, and Mario Kart 64 – for another $8. Ah, Goodwill… You silly bunch of peoples.

That’s one thing with Majora’s Mask for the N64, it required the memory expansion. No expansion, no playing.
Thankfully, I was able to get one (with Donkey Kong 64) back in the day, when they were new.

Okay it is a nit pick but the name is just Bast not Bastet. Not sure why that one bugs me but it always has.

Bastet is what it was called after its role was diminished in late dynasties. Using it is pointing to a specific version of the imaginary cat God.

Even today, you’ll hear people muttering “You Bastets!” at their cats.

Or something like that. :)

I feel youb man. The conflation between fauns and satyrs bugs the shit out of me.
Like most mythology fuck-ups, we have English Romantic poets to blame for that. Same with Lamia, and the same for Medusa being depicted with a snake tail in place of legs.

My little brother was the Nintoad and I was pretty much every other system but mostly SEGA. Every once in a while when the itch hits I go spelunking through garage sales and the sally-ann and some others though Value Village is getting as bad as the Game shops with the pricing for games in questionable condition.

I’ve got a similar story… my rooalmate is all about nintendo, whereas I, Sega. My step-brother, when he moved out, left his snes with my parents. I recently found the stash that had Lufia 1 (cib) and Final Fantasy 3, and Earthbound. Being a Sega collector I had no idea how much Earthbound sold for. It quite litterally felt like finding burried treasure.

My Chrono Trigger came to me as borrowed, from a friend. Then that friend left the state and here I am! To my credit, though, I did ask him if he wanted his big time games back (Earthbound, Final Fantasy 4 and 6, obviously Chrono Trigger) but he said just to keep them.

Otherwise, I’m actually surprised at how some things have gone DOWN in price! That, or the fact that I’ve got a steady job and money coming in (something that I didn’t have back in college, when I was looking for old game junk). I managed to find the NES 2 for a decent price – way under what I had originally seen it for back in college. Then again, that could just be because it’s not that amazing and people are starting to notice that (though I still love the little guy). What I’m having trouble tracking down for a decent price is the freakin’ dogbone controller. No idea why those are so expensive on their own.

For some crazy reason I’ve got my eyes peeled for a decent Virtual Boy. Maybe just to have, though I at least want Wario Land. Barely anyone has them complete, though. Last one I had a chance at was waaay back in high school, and it was still a fresh disappointment back then, so I skipped it.

and now I want to play chrono trigger and chrono cross… mostly chrono cross cus its been so long since I played that but I don’t have a copy T_T but I can make due with chrono trigger… jeez, I played the heck out of that game, I still recall each secret and scenario and stuff, the only issue I ever have is the L.A.R.A thing since its kinda different on a DS…

This comment had me wonder if it’s on steam…it is! Apparently they changed some things, but I can more or less play chrono cross! only 20 bucks, that’s not bad ^_^

I absolutely hate Soda Popinski. I have never been able to get past that pink/purple bastard (I have trouble differentiating them sometimes) and I doubt I ever will either. And I used cheat codes sometimes when I tried (game genie).

I’d kill her too. I don’t care how many fans she has on this site, that’s CHRONO FRIGGIN’ TRIGGER IN ITS BOX!

That kind of nonsense reminds me of what I did when we first got Secret of Mana… curse my dumb kid-ness.

I’m actually in the middle of replaying Chrono Trigger for the umpteenth time on my 3DS. Probably my all-time favorite game, and definitely my all-time favorite JRPG. I’d kill (or at least maim) for an original CT in its box, and I’ve never even owned an SNES.

I sold my copy of Chrono Trigger, complete in the box, with all the original inserts including the poster for like 300 bucks. I miss it, but frankly I just play it on the emulator now.

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