1397 Dual Analog.

The Teen wanted me to tell you she made me biscuits and gravy the other night. I wanted them months ago and she remembered that I never got any.

I’ve been carting her and rainbow dash around all evening so I’ll have to expand on this post when my servitude has ended.


Ah man. I kinda feel really bad for Ed. The fact that people “got ideas” about him and his sister….has anything ever happened to him that hasn’t caused emotional trauma or damage?

It may be the alcohol talking, but I sense an Ed and Nina moment…

Well been wanting it for ages, they have an awesome chemistry.

@Crave sorry your biscuits were late…also biscuits and gravy are awesome, so can understand why you would want them. Although it really is a early spring/winter sorta treat rather than a summer thing…

I can only assume Jackie is still out there. Driving Teen and Rainbow Dash to some undisclosed location in payment for his biscuits and gravy.

They had a fight and she ended up going home after a fair amount of tears. I just didn’t feel like sitting down to chronicle the whole sad affair.

Oh good, not the tears, I also came to check on the status of the enslavement.

Hopefully they will eventually realize friendship is magic.

So – I’m curious – where does the name/pseudonym “Rainbow Dash” come from?
(I mean why does it apply to the teen’s friend)

I’m gonna assume that said friend is a My Little Pony fan, and likes Rainbow Dash a lot.

Or perhaps, since the artist appears to be aware of MLP:FIM if not a full-on brony, it could be that Friend has traits that are associated with Rainbow Dash.

(Does nobody else remember the Celestia figurine on Thomas’s shelf in the background? I guess that was a long time ago.)

When I first met her she had rainbow hair. I gave her that nickname in the blog because of that. I give most people I know a nickname for use in blog posts.

If he’s implying people thought there was some Game of Thrones shit going on, that really sucks and I’m sorry.

But it looks like I guessed correctly. He doesn’t like that she’s bi, because she can get whoever she wants. I’m assuming she often gets whoever he wants as well. Which is kind of shitty of her if she knows he’s into said person. And I’m guessing she does, from the tone of this strip.

I cam sympathize with that, I have a bi sexual sister and we dated the same woman at different times

So did he or did he not want to or has already fucked his sister? Because that’s the vibe I’m getting. P.S. Sorry for being weird.

No, but people tend to assume they do because they’re so close.

“people get ideas from stuff like that”

So she’s a girlfriend thief is what Ed is getting at. Poor guy.

Well, Jess has also kind of admitted to it in a few ways – like bragging to Thomas about the time she ‘got caught’ by Ed in the middle of making out with his long-standing crush. And her threats to Ed to beat him to the punch with Nina. It’s a pattern of behavior which could easily make a guy feel uncomfortable – and a lot of people aren’t comfortable with thinking of their siblings as actively sexual beings even without that kind of aggressive ‘I take what I want’ attitude.

Not that Jess has no good traits, but she is kind of a jerk to Ed when it comes to girls, it seems.

How is that white shirt staying on Nina? I’m expecting it to leave her blue bra-ed.

I’ve noticed that by the time puberty has ended, most girls seem to have developed an almost magical knack for protecting just as much of their modesty as they want to…

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