1383 Cat And Rat.

If there is one thing I envy about Reggie it’s displayed in this scene. He doesn’t let people guess about how he feels. He has openly pursued Nina, in spite of the rules against it. If he hates you, you know it. If he likes you, you know it. In many ways he’s the most truthful person in the comic. He even telegraphs his schemes, which is probably why they don’t work. He’s terrible at being subtle. Like Thomas has said he’s a dick, but he’s an honest dick. There is a value in that which I can’t stress enough. Knowing exactly where you stand with someone is great because you don’t have to worry about what they are going to do. You can guess with far more accuracy when the person in question is guileless.

Does this mean he’s given up on Nina? Probably not, but why put all your eggs in one basket? Dating seems to have taken on a level of seriousness, at least in my experience, that it didn’t seem to have decades ago. Maybe because we have a certain expectation of carnal pleasures being given up quickly. Somehow that adds a feeling of obligation into the mix faster than it might have had before. I don’t know. You guys are welcome to tell me what you think about that.

The downside of this particular pairing is what might happen if the wrong people find out. Although he tries to hide it Reggie does fall prey to wanting to be accepted by his peers. If someone were to tease him about dating a fat girl Reggie might not react positively. That said, the rest of the cast isn’t likely to do that. Well, most of them aren’t anyway.

What I like particularly is that in this moment Reggie just realizes what he feels and goes for it. Say what you will about him, but he has a level of courage most people lack. Once he decides what he wants he goes for it an woe be it to whoever tries to get in his way. Of course in Ed’s case that didn’t go well for Reggie, but it didn’t really put him off anything.

I had a really hard time with the colors in this one. Since the settings for color are different in MS5 I had a hard time making the blushing look right. It’s still too subtle but I don’t have time to keep fiddling with stuff indefinitely. Hopefully it will read better on other screens than it does on mine. I’m still getting my head around the new software.

Here’s the new eBay picture. Everyone’s favorite finally, Brooksie.


And just like that, Reggie has officially proven himself to be one of my favorite characters, any doubts I had about his character development are gone.

OOh! I am excited@! Yet conflicted.

I hope that tentative interest in John was totes one sided. It would really suck if he did end up liking her but she moved on because he didn’t seem like he would be.

Though Reggie is a good bet. Good. I just get sad at the thought of heartbreak for anyone.

Well, this makes me happy and want to kick John. You done goofed you doofus. I didn’t actually see this coming, well played, well played indeed.

Well dang, this was just a really cute page. The minor blushing on both parties parts really brought everything together here (and how its a bit more pronounced in the last panels)


Squee! You made my night, sir. SUCH a wonderful change from my day of differential equations.

Huh, I guess helping him out had more of an impression on him than I thought. You should have drawn her blushing after he asked her out, it would make her look super cute.

I did, but it’s so subtle it’s really hard to tell. I’m still having trouble with color in Manga Studio.

To be honest, I didn’t notice the blushing at first either, but I would have to say that the subtle color is only partly to blame. It’s hard to see a blush when it’s hiding behind all that hair! =)
Punch it up a bit, maybe more than merely miniscule lines?

The blush is conveyed more by facial expression than by colour. Excellent drawing, Jackie. Anything obvious on colour space would be formalism, conveying the fact without the feeling.


Yeah – I didn’t pick up on the blushing until I read your comment Jackie. It is very subtle indeed. I’m sure you’ll work it out though.


Two of my imaginary gold stars to you, Jackie.
One for setting up Reggie with Alex, [ which I never suspected].
The other gold star is for writing Reggie as an honest b*stard. I never caught on to that.

I didn’t see it, I guess, because most of the b*stards that I know in the past, have been tricky + dirty-plans type of people. I guess, other than relying on his family to save his job in [one?] event, Reggie is nasty in overt ways, + doesn’t use deceit to get his desires.

That’s great, great writing! Bravo!

Would Reggie really care about others saying anything about him dating a fat girl? Carol is on the big side, she’s even said as much.

Or do you just mean getting upset if someone else said it about his gf?

Oh crap! Ha! Guess he really took John’s words to heart and realized how right they were. All this time he figured he should only go after looks, but John made him realize what he’d always been attracted to was intelligence, so he did this and I love it!! Gods, I can’t believe I actually used to hate him, lol. Things sure change.

Aw Bridgette and Maddy both liked him, maybe one of them will get with John? I find it weird that he asked her out when earlier he made fun of Maddy’s weight and now he’s asking out a bigger girl.

That’s one of the things people often don’t understand about people like Reggie. The insults aren’t so much about the subject being talked about as they are a way to demonstrate superiority over them. The act of kicking someone lower on the pole than them is where the fun is, even if at their core they don’t have strong feelings about the whole thing.

I think the major difference is that Maddy doesn’t come across as very smart to him so Alex, who fulfills that requirement, seems like much more of a catch because whatever problems he might have with her weight are outweighted (so to speak) by her intelligence.

The ship you never knew you would sail… You know, this goes back to what John said about Reggie having a thing for brains. He also seems to have a thing for women who work in a book related positions, though I suppose that goes hand in hand with the intelligence fetish.

I’m gonna be honest. I haven’t loved Reggie more than I do this moment.

When he first showed up I hated him. Then he got a little better and it kinda reminded me of myself in a way since I tend to be pretty volatile towards other people for little reason. Now he’s just turning into such an awesome person and one of my favorites in the series, right up there with Thomas.

Man, I remember when this arc started and everyone was saying “I hope Reggie dates that bitch Evrina and they kill each other!”

I’m glad people are seeing things they like in Reggie. I’ve warmed up to him ever since the nerf guns battle :D And I’m tentatively excited to see where their relationship goes, hoping it won’t be a crash-and-burn-immediately situation. Good writing, to you, sir!

Reggie will take care of her. I think to his pre-crisis Brooksie relationship and he is very caring and protective of people he likes. He hasn’t liked anyone yet is the problem. I did not see this coming, but I can see what he admires about her.

Well, that was unexpected. As for your “rest of the cast” comment, I can only see Wesley doing that. And I had hoped you just decided to pull a Jeph Jacques and have hom eaten by an allosarus . Thoug. I suppose Evrina, John, or his sister might make a comment.

This…this is awesome. With a side of bacon-flavored awesome. Look at it, there’s some serious *layers* here!

Back when John told Brooksie he doesn’t like Big Girls and she was insulted for her friend, John shouldn’t judge her for her looks…and John pointed out his looks are exactly why Brooksie wanted him in her movie…and Alex was interested in John for the same reason: he’s attractive. Not him as a person, but just the external. John understands his role and just goes with it.

Enter Reggie, who up to this arc was the most superficial bastid in the cast. He insulted Carol several times about her weight (thighs rubbing together, etc) and lusted after Nina because she’s gorgeous.

Add in that furries would appear to be the natural target for both John *and* Reggie, and this arc gets serious points. None of us are what we appear to be, and we all have hidden depths.

Reggie and Alex? Yeah, I can see it…much more so than Thomas and Carol, actually. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t really like Carol; she’s pretty much a controlling, domineering b-witch. I don’t see Thomas putting up with it for too long…but that may just be me.

But these two…they could work. Alex is extremely smart and whether Reggie actually fetishizes intelligence or not, she can help him in his plans to take over…well, whatever he wants to take over. She also appears quite comfortable with herself for the most part, and that sort of stability can anchor Reggie. What Reggie needs most, I think, is security and trust. *Knowing* someone is on his side…Alex can provide that easily.

As for other pairings: Nina and Ed; Jessica and Brooks; Carol and Mike; John and…Veronica? Reggie’s sister. Thomas can ride off into the sunset on a motorcycle to do the great things John pointed out he just hasn’t done yet. Possibly with Evrina. Those two would make a much better couple than Thomas and Carol. The Snark would be strong between them!

Of course, if he does return regularly, the safety of his sister’s secret is suspect.

At that point, I think his sister’s secret is canceled out by the fact that HE’s a member of the group and not just as a one-off. Sure, he could reveal her secret to the world, but she could tell everyone too.

It could be bad, but it could also go really well, strengthening their relationship or just strengthening her to be able to say ‘you know, I’m into what I’m into and I don’t care who knows it’.

I am a little ashamed of the octave and length of the incredibly high-pitched squeal that involuntarily leapt from my body when I read this comic. I’m pretty sure there are dolphins out in the atlantic sticking up their heads going, “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT NOISE?”

0_0 >__< @_@


No wait, we were just given several pages of explanation that he likes smart and she's like the smartest one there is.

It just feels weird because… I mean… The way he treats Carol, his particular brand of insults you're given the impressions he's a fatphobic fat-shaming jackass. This feels out of left field. But because we learned oh his intelligence-thing it also feels in-character and perfectly justified.

God this is so conflicting.

It also doesn't help that I have a minor thing for Alex so it's like "Really? This dick? This guy? REGGIE!?"

You have done a really good job of humanizing, or rather improving, Reggie lately. I’m glad to see him changing and growing, or at least letting a nicer side of his character to the surface.

Also I have to admit this pairing makes me giggle. They look like they’d make a nice couple.

Now we get to see whether Reggie’s previous remarks about plus-size ladies will go by the wayside when he takes this one out for dinner. They were stupid remarks anyway.


Reggie can be humble when he tries. John pointed out what he truly seeks in women, and Reggie doesn’t take too much time in realizing things con his head. Perhaps he knows he needs to take opportunities, or better said, to make them. Perhaps this was on the spur of the moment, or perhaps a way to thank her for helping to know more about his ancestors. Alex has hesitated slightly, maybe in surprise, but she agrees because it’s an opportunity to know him better, a seemingly honest, articulated and intelligent guy, although a bit snarky. John’s good, but… He doesn’ t ā€¯click” the same way, besides, Reggie’s story was hook, line and sinker for any romantic librarian. But I think that it’s too soon to speak of a romantic relationship in the works.

Huh. So Boothe-breath moved the vertical line from dick to click. This is some impressive writing; I love how much this strip has matured since I’ve been reading it.

The bold letters make me read that phrase and then the rest of the sentence. Makes me think of Avenue Q

Well, I have to admit I was surprised by this, this is definitely not the direction I thought this plot was going. I knew Reggie was attracted to intelligent, and considered he might be interested in her, but I thought she had her claws set for John.

Just… Awesome. Didn’t see it coming (though judging by previous comments I’m not sure anyone did), but I’m very excited for it now.

I hadn’t even considered this pairing, but now I ship it with the fire of a thousand suns! Too cute!

I think this pretty well proves that John was right, practically the only thing that Nina and Alex have in common is intelligence. I also like that this seems to just be minutes away from Alex saying how she preferred John, because real life is messy like that and thinking John was cuter is not the same as saying Reggie isn’t cute enough. I also note to myself that this is the advantage of someone like Reggie: Ed and Nina haven’t managed to get a date in the whole stretch of this comic, but bam, Reggie decides on the spur of the moment (possibly within the course of this one strip) that he is interested in Alex, asks her out immediately, and boom, he’s got a date. His self-confidence isn’t always warranted, but he sure has it in abundance.

Sir, your coloring in this one looks really good. I see no discernible difference between this and the last one in quality. I’m just thrilled you are able to work with your new setup because your art never ceases to make me smile.

I think that they can make it as a couple, but Reggie might have met his match, with Alex, because:

1) I think she doesn’t put up with anyone’s crap, and

2) I think she’s smarter than he is. Hm.

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