1318 What Happens.

I’m trying to write this post on my iPad. Everything is trying to go on all at once so I’m watching Walking Dead with the Teen a little late. Honestly, I don’t have anything much to report. I went ahead and bought Smash Bros WiiU, mainly to get in on the soundtrack offer. I’ve already accepted that playing with people online is just not a thing that happens. No one is on at the same times. It’s really disappointing because Smash is best with friends you can enjoy it with. In any case, it’s a great game, and the controls and creatures are fun. I don’t even feel like I need a GameCube controller now.

You can transfer over Mii characters, so I ported I my comic cast ones. In the larger arenas of Wii I can see some flaws in my move choices. XD I spend a lot of time flipping myself off the stages instead of getting thrown out by opponents.

I’ll let the Teen tell you about her play. It’ll be a lot more interesting from her anyway.

Teen Corner
Hey peeps seems like it’s been awhile! My play as Jackie has mentioned was on Saturday,we did 2 one act plays in one night and it was nerve racking but as you can tell I did survive it. The first play called the fig connection was pretty rough. The people skipped over half my lines so I just sat there doing nothing basically lol the second play selfie went much better. I remembered all my lines except one but I pulled it together and I think I did really well. We got many compliments and some people even cried. It was a drama and I’d say over all it went great besides a few issues. My now boyfriend met Jackie,my aunt,my brother and sister and asked permission to date me and it went really well!! I’m really happy about it he’s super sweet and I think he may be a keeper! Jackie attempted to intimidate him but…I think he failed lol after that we went and ate at McDonald’s which tasted amazing after practicing the play all day,being sick from nerves and barely eating. Over all pretty great weekend can’t wait for school tomorrow surprisingly and thanksgiving is approaching. You know what sounds good now…some pie!


I’d be willing to Smash with one of my fav comic authors whenever just as soon as I can actually spare the cash to pick up a copy. I managed to play a round of Mario Kart 8 with Chalodillo once, which was pretty fun. I must warn you, though, my smash prowess can be quite underwhelming.

Glad to hear your play went well, Teen! Keep up the good work. And I’m glad to hear you’ve found a boyfriend with both enough class to ask for permission to date and the spine to stand up to initiation intimidation. That’s a hard find these days. Just make sure he treats you well.

It’s hard to find people to play with online. I blame Nintendo even if you see them on you can only message through miiverse which doesn’t appear as an in game notificatin like Xbox or Playstation. There’s no way to tell people I’m here ready to play smash or mario kart which is a shame -_-

Hmm, maybe I should look into playing that online more, now that I think about it. Well, once I’m past this coming week.

@The Teen:
Speaking of, try to enjoy Thanksgiving break while its still a thing. Or really any school breaks. I know I probably should have done better at that myself back when I was around your age. Sadly thats the sort of thing I don’t get breaks for now. Course I get money now, but the breaks are missed. So are the free Summers.

Man… a hardcore “Look, I fucking care, think about how things work instead of your feelings about it” shutdown.

I love your writing, and Thomas makes me feel less alone some days. Cheers, for all that.

Respect, responsibility, friendship, multiplayer battle games, The School Play scenario (with success! ending), a new boyfriend, PIE!! This update was packed with like a sample of everything that is good in life.

There was this very very very tiny rowboat in me thinking nina and reggie could be a thing if he would clean up and change a bit, ever since that nerf gun war, I feel like hes taking a few steps towards the person I would like him to be for that boat to start moving :P (them shipping analogies meng)

I have 3 yonder l younger sisters, they are all adults now and I still try and intimidate any boyfriend they bring to meet me.

It’s not because they’re creeps, it’s too tell them that I still care about my little sisters and if he pulls some shit there will be hell to pay.

Speaking of hell-to-pay;
My favourite tactic is to take them hunting near to a little known burial ground;
And tell them that the bones are boys that tried to trifle with my sisters.
The local sheriff liked the idea so much that he now takes his daughter’s dates hunting there as well…


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