Very true. Also, I never understood the whole ‘no dating coworker’ thing. Are they afraid the two would suddenly strip and get freaky in the middle of work?

In a word: yes.

actually, it’s more along the lines of being worried that the employees wouldn’t be able to separate their personal life from work- that is, making business decisions on the basis of the romantic relationship. That’s why it’s most common for there to be a ban on a relationship between an employee and a more senior employee ( employee and supervisor, employee and manager…)

Also highly relevant is the concern for what happens if the relationship doesn’t go well. If you’ve all of a sudden got employees who can’t stand each other, or, worse from the company’s perspective, are throwing around harassment/sexual assault claims.

Actually… At my workplace about a year ago two co-workers did get freaky in the stockroom. Everyone knew they were friendly with one another, but not that they were going to go that far. Yeah… Also, the guy was married to a different woman, and the girl was engaged. It was all caught on camera, and one of the assemblers (who was later terminated for sexual harassment) witnessed it as well. o.0

I’ll tell you what is sexual harrassment: having a crowd of girls follow you when you’re on a date with your girlfriend.

I always thought the whole “no co-worker dates” was so that things wouldn’t get awkward when someone gets dumped. Or uncomfortable before that.

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