It is only one of the best. Now, who can tell me why her hair can be temporarily see-through. And don’t tell me a wizard did it, because one of my titles is the wizard who did it, and I didn’t do this one.

I think she has a split personality, kind of. When she’s smoking she becomes the calm, cool girl with darkness covering up half of her face.

I read the comments and I think I may have been the only person to add one that associated Brooksie’s final line with Peter Sellars in “Being There” where he played across from Shirley MacLaine. It was a classic movie and I love the use of that line! Whether or not that is coincidence or purposeful… it made me laugh.

Holy crap, I had forgotten about that movie! Yes, if it’s an intentional reference to Peter Sellers that’s pretty amazing as “Being There” is a really old movie.

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