1201 Brooding.

The Teen went to visit her siblings for the whole weekend. I thought that I’d be able to catch up on comics maybe. I thought I might even get a bit ahead again. I thought wrong. I started getting the sniffles on Thursday. Not a big deal. By Friday I was sick. Properly sick. By Saturday I was in my bed oozing, coughing, and not sleeping. By Sunday morning I was petitioning the almighty to end my earthly suffering. I assumed the method would be death, but luckily for fans of my storytelling it was just finally defeating the virus and my headache easing up. This is the closest I’ve come to missing an update in years.


He’s considering a recipe he found for escargo

Escargo is pretty simple, really. Snails. Clean snails. Bake in oven with butter. Consume. I s’pose the French would disagree, but they never really struck me as a hugely complicated enterprise.

That said… Crave, I don’t think I’ve mentioned how much I appreciate your regularity in updating. Seriously, you rock. It gets to be a happy ritual, checking my RSSes and seeing Between Failures has updated. Thank you so much! (You’re allowed to take a day off if you’re murderously ill like that, or having a bad day, or something, though. Really. : ) )

I’ve never let a snail crawl on me before. Wolf spiders, black widow spiders, wasps, caterpillars, ants, june bugs, and etc., sure. I let them crawl on me. Haven’t gone with the snails yet.

I did put Tobasco sauce on a slug once, though. It didn’t dissolve him, but he basically tried to crawl out of his own skin to get away from the burning.

I was never compelled to do that again.

I did scratch my … self after handling jalepenos before. It was an interesting experience. I didn’t exactly experience pleasure. I just … experienced.

That’s another “once was enough” thing I did.

Glad to hear you’re still alive, and feeling better.
Please, don’t die, and try not to get ill again-
Your comic cheers me (And I’m sure many others) up a lot.

I hope you feel better soon, Mister Crave. <3

Also, I remember my parents putting soda cans in the garden to trap slugs (which are basically snails with no shell, right?). Also, I've let a snail crawl on me. We used to have aquariums, and we used them to keep the insides clean. They were fun. I remember one of them was pregnant when we bought it, and there were all these itty bitty snails crawling around.

Glad to see I’m able to view the comic again. Google Chrome was reporting it as spyware for awhile. Something in an ad I’m sure. Thanks for the enjoyable comic!

Hmm… Mollusks (and some other stuff):

General George at His Best

Of course, a snail is just a slug with a thick skin. I’m not sure what constitutes awesome in a snail, because to me, all snails have that quality.

@Crave, sorry to hear you were sick. Also glad it was relatively short lived, although the symptoms do sound somewhat flu-like. Probably some dirt-bag who sneezed on the oranges before you got there.

The first rule of Brooding Club is you don’t talk about Brooding Club?

And glad to hear you’re feeling better! I think all of us would rather not get a new strip for a few updates if it meant you had time to rest and recover. We’re fans, not heartless bastards-no matter how fine a line that might be for some fandoms :P

Just today I was wondering that if I had to be sick, would I rather be mildly ill for many days or just kill-me-now sick for a day. Sorry you had the worst combination of the two. T’ain’t fair. Hope you’re all better.

Hooray you didn’t die :D

I’d be totally sad(der) if you died.. my Great Uncle (who was pretty damned Great (and rather Uncle, for that matter)) Andy died a couple days back and we just got home from the funeral in Tenn.

I just went thru 8 years of comic in three days…and now I have nothing :,(

Did you read the fiction story? You should probably get on that.


Ooh ooh ooh I didn’t know about that. Thanks! Even though I do love the cartoons, this might satiate me for a while until there is more. Honestly dude (crave) this is totally my favorite web comic ever. I’m trying to find a replacement for the meantime but nothing is as good.

Its really a good end to a day and seeing that my favorite comic/Pure awesome that breaches the bounds of mere words has updated.

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